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Review: The Trophy Child


The Story

A suburban doctor’s wife with a stoner son by her first husband, is now trying to force her second child to perfection ala the Tiger Mother. Her step-daughter has tried to choke her. Her husband is drinking too much and has a random hook-up one night. So what happens when her push for perfections gets a bit too much? Her small British Lakes District town is watching with fascination! (It is British and there may be a few odd terms that confuse Americans, but Google them, ok? It’s all just like any suburb here.)

The Good

Wow! I kept HAVING to read more, more more! This is a fast-paced book in which the narrator doesn’t really mean to mislead you–but nothing predictable happens!  The characters each have surprises in store. The family dynamic was very real and very believable.

The Bad

I’m not sure there was anything bad! Not really even anything disappointing.


4 full stars! A great pick for Oprah Book Club fans and other book clubs. Fans of Lisa Scottoline and Jodi Picoult will want to try this one.

I hope there’s a movie so here are two of my cast picks:

PBS History's

This should be an excellent movie. My casting picks? Laura Carmichael for Karen.  And, just for fun, could Robert Bathurst have a brief cameo as the Headmaster? Y’all know I hopelessly ‘ship the doomed Sir Anthony and Lady Edith so humor me with this casting, ok? But please not Benedict or Tom or even Sam Irons for the husband. Someone more mature looking.

Photo Credit

Thank You to bloggers Cleopatra Loves Books and Rather Too Fond of Books to alerting me to this compelling read. Why not click on the links and go read their reviews as well?


4 thoughts on “Review: The Trophy Child

  1. This sounds good! Not sure I believe anything so tawdry happens in the Lake District though — all I can imagine is Jane Eyre cavorting about with Beatrix Potter animals 🙂

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