It’s Derby Time!! Get your family derby party groove on!

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Check out all things Kentucky Derby at the race’s official website.

Build the Excitement this week!

The Kentucky Derby is next Saturday, May 6th! Check out the field of horses here. How do you prepare? First some good horse racing books and movies perfect for the whole family! No kids? No problem, check out Domino’s fabulous Kentucky Derby Party Guide here.



Black Stallion author, Walter Farley, chronicles one of the greatest horses of all time: Man of War, father of War Admiral and of the legendary Seabiscuit. Enough Said!

Seabiscuit: An American Legend, by Unbroken author Laura Hillenbrand is the story of the most unlikely thoroughbred champion of all time.

Secretariat: The Horse God Built is the story of Secretariat, the iconic 1970s Triple Crown winner, told thru the eyes of his groom.



Seabiscuit, by Laura Hillenbrand, received both fictional and non-fictional screen treatments. PBS’s outstanding American Experience presented the non-fiction version. The movie, featuring Spiderman Tobey Maguire, was a big-screen sensation. Both are suitable for family viewing. Secretariat, from the Disney studio, is a good re-telling of the 1970’s Triple Crown winner’s career.  Seabiscuit on American Experience link. Seabiscuit movie link. Secretariat movie link.

What to Serve on Derby Day


Photo Credit: The Brown Hotel

It just wouldn’t be the Derby without Louisville’s Signature sandwich–the legendary Brown Hotel’s Hot Brown. On Pinterest you can find other versions, including these more kid-friendly Hot Brown Sliders,  or even a simple Hot Brown Casserole. if you prefer. I like the real thing!


Next you need Benedictine–no, not the alcohol (though I’m sure that will be around on Derby Day, too, for those who don’t drink Kentucky Bourbon.) Benedictine is must for derby. Lousiville lunch counters offer Benedictine sandwiches or Benedictine and bacon sandwiches. Both are great. So either offer tiny tea sandwiches (white bread, if you please) or it makes a good veggie dip or stuffing for small tomatoes or mini-peppers, too. The green coloring is traditional, but not necessary if you are against food coloring. Here’s the link to the recipe offered by the Kentucky Tourism folks. [Photo credit: Kentucky Tourism].


Mint Julep’s are the traditional cocktail, but since this is for family fun, here’s Six Sister’s version of the Disneyland Alcohol-free Mint Juelp to enjoy! For the real thing just try Pinterest–there’s all sorts of versions. Hey, if Scarlett O’Hara could sip them, so can you!


Finally there is THE desert: Derby Pie. A little bit pecan pie, a little bit chocolate pie a whole lot of wonderful! Derby Pie. Like the Hot Brown, derby pay has variations such as cookies, desert bars and brownies. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions are out there as are recipes with walnuts instead of pecans. I’m a purist–I prefer the more Southern pecans. Blogger Kasey Trenum (Photo credit: Kasey Trenum) uses the same easy recipe I love. No Karo Syrup (corn syrup) then it just isn’t Derby Pie in my book! It’s a Southern Thing, y’all. Corn Syrup aka Karo! Easy Derby Pie.

Fun Stuff



Derby Hat Photo Credit: A Patch of Sun  Pool Noodle Ponies Photo Credit

Let the kids make fancy ladies’ Derby hats and then have their own Run for the Roses on these easy Pool Noodle Ponies! Pinterst has thousands of other ideas and Etsy has printables. I thought these were the cutest ideas–both leave a lot of room for imagination.

And, finally, I leave you with  the Song that will never leave your brain! Dan Fogelberg’s wonderful Run For The Roses.

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