Get Ready for Cinco de Mayo!

Get ready, Friday is Cinco de Mayo! All across the country school cafeterias will be shoveling tacos, Mexican rice, corn and churros onto lunch trays. Kids are making cheesy crafts. Teachers may start the morning with Mariachi or Tejano music. Kindergartners will leave test-prep for a few minutes of chanting Spanish numerals. And preschoolers will wack pinatas for nut-free, gluten-free, high fructose corn syrup and dye-free “treats” after shaking their hand-crafted maracas.

Photo (feather, stone, moon & ivory bone) via Bloglovin

But being Moms of today we must make every second count in stuffing our little dears with KNOWLEDGE! EXPERIENCES! and FUN!! Happily, Hopewell’s Library of Life is open beyond normal library hours to spare you the frustration of pulling together that forgotten Fiesta! A carefully curated Pinterest Board is right here, right now, to save the day! No need to go to Pinterest yourself and get lost in pinning a zillion new recipes you’ll never make, or diy projects for Hubby’s list that you know will never, ever, grace your humble abode.

No segues, either, into perusing pictures of a wet-shirted Colin Firth or Jeremy Irons looking simply angst-y and lovely. You haven’t time for that! There’s Spring Baseball, ballet, Indoor Spring Soccer, Stick and Puck for the Off-Season, math tutoring, bassoon recital rehearsal, Little Rembrandts Class and rhythmic gymnastics to get in before reading aloud for an hour, brushing teeth for five minutes, flossing the teeth of both your dog and your toddler, worrying about why your husband suddenly has to travel on his job and why that icky feeling never leaves your tummy or why that box of Tampax has lasted so long.  Modern life.

Here you go, Mom! After all next comes Mother’s Day Week–it’s all about making YOU feel special. So, tonight you can bask in the approval of your too-tired-to-care kids who are overjoyed to enjoy a fun fiesta the second the minivan pulls in, because I’ve got the Holy Grail on this board: Cinco de Mayo CROCK-POT recipes to make with stuff you have in the pantry!!! Woot! (Hint: Go plug it in NOW so you don’t forget). Then, I’ve got table decorations, cool crafts from stuff you have in your not-touched-since-child-2-arrived scrapbook stash and even a beautiful cookies to drool over. (Don’t worry, the supermarket will have them in the bakery–no need to work out how to fit baking and decorating them in around the office, Zumba and the rest). Why I’ve even remembered the Mexican hot chocolate for bedtime story time and, I’m really stoked about this: A Cinco de Mayo costume for the dog!

Oh, it’s book club night you say? Or, you are an empty-nester, you say? Well, well, well!! Put in your in-laws Mexico trip dvd that old Selena dvd (or get it here on Instant Video)and pass the cute appetizers and pour the Sangria, Corona and Margaritas for heaven’s sake! Don’t forget to wear that cute peasant dress or your Corona flip-flops. I’ve even picked some nifty hand-drawn illustrations you can copy into your bullet journal so people will think you remembered! “You are so totally organized! I can’t remember what day it is” they’ll all say when you accidentally drop it so it opens on today’s page. See? More basking to be done. Preen. Go on! Preeeeeeeen! After all, they could have found my blog and saved their day, too. But. They. Didn’t. You. Did. Go You!

Oh, you hate parties? I’m with you! So run thru Chipotle for dinner, put on Selena, have your festive beverage of choice and read one of these great books set in Mexico or one from this list–your choice.

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