Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’d Like to See More of in Books


This week’s topic is the top 10 thinks on my reading wish list. I’ve chosen the things I want to see more of in books.


  1. More faithful marriages. Lots of folks never stray and wouldn’t think of it. Only 50% of marriages end in divorce–not 100%.
  2. More romantic stuff and less 50 Shades Stuff.
  3. More use of the word “stuff” instead of the hipster Sh*t More use of polite euphemisms for F&ck.
  4. More happy and less Oprah’s Book Club depressing, terrifying book of the week stuff.
  5. More normal looking people–not just drop-dead gorgeous ones And not just 20-somethings–all ages want romance. Gay, straight we all want to find love.
  6. More people with ordinary jobs–not just billionaire CEOS, cops, Highland warriors, lawyers,  etc. How about insurance adjusters, CPAs, nurses, box salespeople, day care workers, Grocery store managers, mini-mart clerks. We normal people want hope of romance.
  7. More settings where the rest of us live–not just NY, LA, London, Rome, Paris. How about Dayton? Omaha? Waukesha? Peoria? REAL people live here and we don’t all pine to live in NY or LA. We don’t “fly over” people’s lives, we live our own.
  8. More normal churches and normal church goers–and not just in Christian publishing. Shocking to New Yorkers but many folks go to church and never abuse anyone’s children, never vote GOP, never march against ANYTHING or hate anything except maybe spiders or heavy periods or cheap flip-flops.
  9. More ordinary names and nicknames for characters. I’ve never in my life met someone nicknamed “Spit” or “Hub” or [just about any stupid character nickname ever]. Normal names. Normal for that character’s generation. Check the Social Security Agency’s name search. It helps. And, please there’s a limit on how many characters can be named “Tess” or “Clair,” ok? I’ve lost track of all the Claires in books. Tess is coming a very close second. Kate isn’t far off.
  10. More normal “courtships” (i.e. dating). No one meets someone and loathes them at first sight then falls into bed with them the next day. People generally meet someone and either like them and continue knowing them or they don’t like each other. Period. Full Stop. Yes, OCCASIONALLY, you realize a first impression was wrong and try again. But not in every book. I get it–it’s a formula. But it’s a dead- tired-worn-out-and-left-for-broke-beaten-horse of a formula.



Why not go to the Broke and the Bookish and enjoy other great Top Ten Tuesday lists from this week? Or, read the rules and post your own!


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’d Like to See More of in Books

  1. snefferdoodle

    Nicknames are fun! My Aunt Mary’s nickname is Snookie. One of my mom’s is Deena Betts. Where did Deena Betts come from? She doesn’t remember! Maggie and I have nicknames for each other: Gnat Ho and Gnat Yuppie! JCB’s is Duckpin. Bolling…bowling…duckpin bowling! HA! I can’t remember JBB’s…. Has something to do with being off work a lot right after he started at JSP because he hurt himself… There’s always a story. Amanda’s is Rabbit, though she won’t tell me why! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

      1. snefferdoodle

        Yes – always with JRK.

        I called my paternal grandmother Moo Moo. She died when I was 6 months old. To this day she is Moo Moo.


  2. sky @ duskblooms

    oh man, this list made me laugh a little, I liked it. also if you mean Peoria IL and not Peoria AZ that’s even more hilarious because I live there.

    my TTT


  3. What a great post. I was appalled at the number of unhappy marriages in books when I was researching to write a post on Books that focus on marriage. I did not find any happy ones. Ofcourse no marriage is perfectly happy but I would love to see a happier book. And yes! I am so bored of the present lingo in books, Fuck, Shit – this is all there is everywhere. It is as if we have lost the way to express ourselves.


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