Top 5 Wednesday: Books As Event Themes–not the usual ones, either!


This week’s topic is books as themes for events. I love this! I tried to go beyond the one’s that will be over-used like Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind, Hunger Games, Anne of Green Gables,  Jane Austen etc.

Here are my Top 5


To celebrate leaving big law firm hell whether by choice or by “chance” (firing). Who cares if you can’t bill 2,000 hours! You CAN wait tables, right? Per hour its about the same money on Friday and Saturday! And think of the fun when you can spill a tray of drinks on your former “Mentoring Partner”  Biglaw by Lindsay Cameron.

Decor should be ugly, neutral, corporate art and those ubiquitous carpet squares. Or, if the firm had artsy inspirations, tacky art work like bad modern statutes.

Food should be picked over sandwich trays (i.e. left over catered lunches).

Gifts should be tacky logo-ed items [any logo] like Christmas ornaments. And, of course, a donation to the United Way.

Fun stuff:  Law Firm Partner Charades in which the partner gives a fraction of the information to a team of 3 to 5 people and they must all research and brief it. The one who actually gets ALL the information makes “partner” and has to pay the bar tab–you’re an “owner” now, hahahahahah!


To celebrate a woman’s 60th birthday or her retirement or both us No! I Don’t Want to Join a Book Club-a fun look at getting older, but still being fully alive.

Decor should be displays of the most overly-read book club books. You know, the ones no one actually has read?

Gifts should be Victoria Secret gift cards.

Food should be wine and more wine.

Fun stuff: Grace & Frankie marathon!


When your BFF’s scumbag husband leaves her for her younger work protege (double back-stab) [or simply a younger woman] then this is your theme-book! Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman by Elizabeth Buchan.

Decor should be the items scumbag loved that your BFF got in the divorce for spite. A bass boat, the BMW, his fly fishing crap, his firearms, his baseball card collection, his NFL memorabilia or whatever it is.

Gifts should be the stuff the Scumbag vetoed over the years that she really liked or wanted.

Food should be the stuff  SHE loves that she never got to serve or eat while married.

Fun stuff would include Pin the Tail on the Jack A**, A strip-o-gram from [Pick her fave] a kilted Highland Warrior, a Smokin’ Hot Firefighter, etc…

Note: Great for a gal’s only getaway.


When a gal-pal of beyond normal college age goes back to school, use She Got Up Off The Couch as your theme.

Decor should be a well-used, preferably an ugly 60’s/70’s sofa and a pile of laundry or two–clean or dirty, either is fine. VW Bug toys cars or other VW Bug items and Herbal Essence Shampoo bottles. [Read the book and it’ll make sense]. CLEP test study guides are good, too.

Gifts should be B/N Gift Cards, Laptop or Tablet sleeve, backpack and some early 70’s college girl thing like a crocheted poncho for fun.  Homemade frozen meals are good, too as are TRULY redeemable homemade gift certificates for child care.

Food should be the popular thing food at that college and beer. Lots of beer. Or, if it’s a Christian college the beer “substitute.” [One college has Ginger Ale parties–that kind of thing is a beer substitute.]  Or, if it’s graduate school, Big cans of Red Bull.

Fun Stuff: Drinking games (regardless of whether drinks have alcohol). Or if graduate school, then a dissertation guessing game. Read off dissertation titles and guess the student’s subject (major).

Extra: Be sure to write her name in her coat and in her back pack. Offer to go to the campus with her and take a picture for her first day holding a sign with what she wants to be when she “grows up.” Walk her to her first class! Be there when she gets home so someone will listen to her tell excitedly about her first day (or express her horror at how much work there is!)


When the kids have fled the nest and your buddy and her hubby are ALONE at last then Fun Without Dick and Jane will help launch their delightfully empty nest.

Decor should a totally unadorned refrigerator, a soccer ball (substitute any sports crap)-free entry way, a full cabinet of BOTH matching dishes AND glasses, only one load of laundry left undone and no socks, dirty glasses, half-eaten sandwiches left in the living room.

Gifts should be classy nightwear but nothing TOO racy or the kids will come back and spoil it. [Raunchier gifts if appropriate to the friendship–it’s YOUR party].

Food should not include pizza (unless Artisan made, wood-fired and costing over $50 each) no mac ‘n anything, no hotdogs, no Bagel Bites no Hot Pockets etc.

Fun Stuff: Family Feud-style game of stuff we won’t miss our kids doing/bringinghome/eating/etc.

Top 5 Wednesday is a group at Goodreads. Why not join the group and post your own list (or video) next week?


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