Review: One Plus One = Wonderful


JoJo Moyes won my heart easily with Ship of Brides, then made me a life-long fan with Me Before You (Heck, I loved the movie of that one!). I even liked (but didn’t love) the sequel,  After You, which many fans didn’t. Now with One Plus One she’s entered my league of Favorite. Authors. Ever. I love the tone of her books. Her characters are believable and the stories are realistic enough that I fall right into them. Right now I’m really missing Jess, Tanz. Norman, Nicky, and Ed. That kind of real.


The Story

Can truly good people do the wrong thing?

Does it matter WHY they did the wrong thing?

Jess Thomas is a single Mom raising her daughter and step-son alone, her husband having fled to his mother’s due to depression. It’s a hard luck life for Jess and the kids,  Nicky and Tanzy, but she keeps seeing the glass as half-full. Her positive attitude is contagious, without being cloying or precious. She’s not Pollyanna and her life is no picnic. Both kids are bullied for being odd. Nicky is a young teenage “Goth boy” who likes make-up and video games. Tanzie is a mathematics whiz years above her grade level who really only enjoys spending time with their huge dog, Norman.

Ed Nichols is a computer-geek who accidentally creates a successful software company that’s gone public and is about to release another new phenomenal product. To get rid of a girl he thought he wanted he gives her insider stock trading knowledge. His life as he knew it, is over.

The couple meet when Jess is cleaning his vacation home for the cleaning service and he is shouting on the phone after learning he is accused of insider trading.

Then there’s a road trip to Scotland.

What I Loved

Everything. Not a word put wrong. Ok, I could quibble about the likelihood of it all, but why? I’ve seen stranger things happen in real life. People meet thru all sorts of circumstances. But, I’ve been in love. You just KNOW, don’t you? The emotion, the twists and turns of this novel are simply RIGHT. Utterly right. It all just …works. Splendidly.

What I Disliked

Nothing. Really. Nothing.


4.5 stars–I just loved it. I loved it so much I just bought a copy! I read fiction from the library. Not good for an aspiring author to admit, but I do. I buy them AFTERWARDS if I truly love them. I haven’t do that in a long, long time!

And, Jojo? There’d better’d be a sequel!!!

And, this one could do with Eddie Redmayne in the movie–he’s geeky enough.

One Plus One by Jojo Moyoes

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