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Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Books I’ve Read in the Summer


As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, I remember so many of the books I read in the summer as a kid so much better than those assigned in school. As an adult I’ve kept a reading log for many years. As a librarian I am skilled in dredging up books whose title’s I’ve forgotten. It all combines to make book lists like Top Ten Tuesday a passion for me.–in case you didn’t notice already.

From My Teen Years

Note: Whenever possible I’ve used “my” covers for these books. If you purchase one thru the link in this post, (I do NOT make any money) the cover may be different.


Eric–who didn’t fall in love with the sweet, kind, jock who died of leukemia back in the ’70s. Patricia Neal played his mother in a worked over tv movie version of this book later in the decade. I read and re-read this book!  And he played….soccer! So exotic in Indiana in the early 1970s when soccer was a sport played at schools with “Prep” or “Academy” in their names and most were in New England and charged ridiculous tuition to students with Kennedy, Buckley or even Roosevelt as last names. Eric by Doris Lund. [Note: Doris Lund’s picture book was featured in this summer fun post last year].

I love big, sprawly multi-generational family sagas or other big, sprawling books. The 1970s were a fabulous decade for such books. R. F. Delderfield and Herman Wouk were among the best-selling authors of this type book. Belva Plain hit the scene with her first, Evergreen, too. These books more than stand the test of time. I highly recommend these–an others by the same authors.



Wednesday’s post told about this book–which I read in the summer of 1976, including while at band camp. In those days I could read with all kinds of chaos around me. Today, I can rarely do that. I usually need earbuds or white noise if there are people around. Show Boat by Edna Ferber and Giant by Edna Ferber–a later summer read.

Later Summers

I’ve chosen randomly from my reading logs to introduce books I enjoyed that I haven’t written as much, if anything, about before.

These are all such compelling stories! Two are historical, one very recent history. All three are so worth the time.


Looking forward to reading during this summer…





I’m reading this with a not-really-a-book-club-book-club. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to try.

The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan.






I loved Julie Murphy’s Dumplin (read my post on it here) so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Ramona Blue






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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Books I’ve Read in the Summer

  1. Interesting new to me titles. I’ve only read and loved Memoirs of a Geisha. I’m taking note of other titles.
    Thanks for taking the plunge with The Gray House. I’ve already typed the post for next week first chapters, and I’m listening ahead and thinking it’s a good summer title. But, in case it doesn’t grow on you, I’m not offended if you or any others abandon it, and equally honored by giving this a try.

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  2. One more thing on the book. I’ve listened to the first chapters twice, some even 3 times. it’s not complicated in terms of language, but it’s a full universe with many characters. I don’t know how you like to read, if you like being surprised and doing all the work yourself, or if you like reading some synopsis ahead (or maybe right after). But after June 1st, I will post a bit of a synopsis per chapter with the assigned chapters, that can help you after each chapter to secure what you just read.


  3. Nice to look back and revisit some favorites! I love the nostalgic feel of the older cover design and illustrations, it’s fun to see those.

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  4. Those big sagas make me think of James Michener. I remember reading Chesapeake, Poland, and probably a couple of others back in the mid 1980s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I ever finished one of his. I read “much” of Hawaii, Texas, and Poland. Odd because I love books like that–his style just wasn’t for me I suppose. But what a prolific and successful author. His books were excellent regardless of my opinion.


  5. This is such an interesting idea for a list combining books you’ve enjoyed from summers at different points in life! I wish I’d kept notes of the books I’d loved as a teen. I’ve never read Memoirs of a Geisha by to loved the film, and I’ve wanted to read Dumplin for a while but haven’t got round to it yet!


  6. Oh I have Ramona Blue to read too!! I’m really excited for it because Dumplin’ was absolutely fantastic. 🎉🎉

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