Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Books I’ve Read So Far in 2017


I’m a fairly eclectic reader, though I’ve now officially given up even trying to like fantasy or sci fi. Life is too short. Here then are the Top Ten Books so far in my 2017 reading. Well, 10 plus a few bonus titles. Math isn’t my strong suit.









You can read my reviews of any of these books by searching the title or by clicking on Book Reviews in the word cloud in the right sidebar.

All books show are available from Amazon. Remember, I do not make any money when you click on a link.

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21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Books I’ve Read So Far in 2017

  1. Love & Gelato has been on my radar for a while now! I need to check it out. I’ve tried JoJo Meyers’ Me Before You before but I could never get into it – I think mostly because I knew the ending of the movie. I’ll have to give One Plus One a shot though.


  2. You are wise to abandon your attempts to like SFF if it doesn’t bring you joy – life’s too short and there are SO MANY books to get to – but it makes me a little sad. And want to find the perfect book rec that will change it all for you, lol but I won’t be that obnoxious.

    Especially, since it looks like you’ve had a great reading year, no sff required. Underground Railroad is definitely on my TBR and I am just waiting to be in the mood for some heavy subject matter. Hopefully this year. I’d also like to read something by Zadie Smith some time – would Swing Time be a good place to start or is their another of her books that you like better?

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    1. Swing Time is a great start–you can jump in to Zadie Smith’s books with any of her titles. Each are a little different. Underground Railroad is not “heavy” reading–it’s incredibly well told, like a journey. Superb. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such great comments.


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