Books to Binge Before the Eclipse and Flashback Friday


Credit: NASA

First, let’s get the PSA out of the way. NASA’s Everything Eclipse Site.

Any event requires a few books to set the mood–right? To me that’s usually a necessity.  While these are not all on an actual eclipse, the set the mood for cool astronomy-related events and discoveries, without being overly technical.

I really wanted to show you Bing Crosby’s famous solar eclipse scene from A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court, but for once, You Tube failed me!  So, instead,  you can listen to Mark Twain’s own words for the scene:



The Books


In 1973 the build up to the appearance of the Comet Kohoutek is the back-drop to a fabulous coming-of-age story about the son of high school science teacher. This is an excellent choice to read this weekend to help set the mood for the eclipse.

Here’s my review from my old blog–this week’s Flashback Friday Review:

Kirkus Reviews are usually dead-right. This IS one of the best books of the year, without doubt! Everything about this marvelous coming-of-age story rings true. From the embarrassment over a geeky Dad and disappointed Mom, to the “not worthy” feelings toward the lovely girl in the new, fancy house–it’s all there. All of it. And, I felt it all both ways–as the person coming of age in the same time period and as the parent who is the “geek.” [Originally published April 21, 2014 on my old blog].

Night of the Comet: A Novel  by George Bishop


Two by the Same Author






For readers more interested in history and actual science, while these are aimed at laymen, they will satisfy that craving for you. You can read my review of Glass Universe here.

Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel

Glass Universe by Dava Sobel





Award-winning author and essayist, Annie Dillard, wrote a piece called Total Eclipse that is included in both of these collections of her work. The Atlantic just published the piece on their web page. Here is the link to Total Eclipse by Annie Dillard at the Atlantic.

To buy The Abundance by Annie Dillard

To buy Teaching a Stone to Talk by Annie Dillard

Remember–I do not make any money off your clicks.

Read my review of Annie Dillard Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.(Scroll down to the review.)

Need More?


John Pipkin’s Favorite Historical Novels Featuring Stargazers and Astronomy  a super list of historical fiction to help set the mood.



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