2017’s Best Ice Cream Book



Ice Cream is one of the best things to enjoy in the summer. Although I truly love it all year round, summer where I live is hot and sticky. Ice cream makes that better. Another thing I love are foodie books. So, a foodie book about ice cream was just the thing!  Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America sounded really fun!

The Story:

As the title implies, the author Amy Ettinger, “toured” the country researching the country’s best ice cream. I put “toured” in quotes because it seems all the ice creams she loved were in hipster spots. Hmmmmm.

She also looked at the production and regulation of ice cream, frozen custard and gelato. Turns out I knew quite a lot about this–more than I thought, from my high school summers spent traveling to all the Dairy Queen stores in southeastern Indiana with my Dad who, at that time, sold the frozen custard mix they used. And then, I learned more than I thought when my Dad ran an ice cream plant in Central Indiana while I was in college! The regulatory part didn’t surprise me because at all, either, because I spent years as a law librarian. Even regulatory lawyers don’t like research regulations so I’m pretty good at it.

What I Liked

I find foodie books good reading so it was fun to read about the author’s home ice cream stash.  “I hear ya, girl!” I shouted in my brain when she talked about those little ice hair-like things that develop in ice cream that is in the freezer too long. Yep. I’m on a first-name basis with those little annoyances. My grandmother had the same carton of store brand peppermint stick ice cream my entire childhood I believe!

I loved hearing about various ‘out there’ flavors of ice cream. Now, I’ve read about Japanese ice cream flavors, which to my mind are a bit strange, but they couldn’t hold a candle to  Ginger Snap and foie gras ice cream sandwiches or Candy Cap Mushroom gelato. I’m with the author’s kiddo–“Ice cream isn’t usually made out of mushrooms,” and for good reason!

But it was this quote on gelato that really hit me in the heart. “I so hear you,” said in my brain:

“Gelato is like a studly hazelnut husband. Ice cream is like a vanilla husband who makes you long for adultery.”  (p. 201)

There is so much to enjoy in this book that I’ll simply say Read it!



Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America by Amy Ettinger



Where I Wish She’d Visited

I thought she missed some amazing ice cream at some pretty amazing ice cream places!



Photo credit: Polly’s Freeze.

Polly’s Freeze–THE Custard Stand of the entire southern part of Indiana and the northern Lousiville, Kentucky, metro area. In Georgetown, Indiana. Same place, same location since 1952. I still miss the classic chocolate/vanilla twist cones! True summer joy!


Photo Credit: Young’s Jersey Dairy

Young’s Jersey Dairy, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Beloved by students at Antioch, Wittenberg, Central State, Cedarville, Wilmington and Wilberforce Universities. Great Stuff! Who wouldn’t want a Double Buckeye Sundae?

And, who can forget that brave [fake] Jersey the Cow whose injury in the storm and subsequent rehab was documented on their Facebook page and in the local news media!

Photo credit: Dayton Local .com


IvanhoeslogoPhoto credit: Ivanhoes

Offering 100 different sundaes and 100 different shakes, Ivanhoes is legendary in Central Indiana. This is the place for that great college rivalry between Indiana Wesleyan University and hometown favorite Taylor University to be settled with ice cream eating. Look closely and you may see Ball State University students out for joy ride and some ice cream, too.  Take a look at this menu! This is a favorite stop of mine when I come and go from a few annual meetings. So worth getting off the highway! Read more here: A Cherry On Top: Ivanhoe’s One of the State’s Best


And, of course, no road trip thru Ohio can be done without ice cream in Cincinnati from Graeter’s or anywhere in the state from UDF.





UDF Chocolate Chip and their fabulous Chocolate Bundt Cake ice cream!



You can read last summer’s ice cream book post here.

3 thoughts on “2017’s Best Ice Cream Book

  1. What a fun blog post! My husband and I go to Dairy Queen in March, the week it opens in Maine, and it usually involves snow flakes on our cones. This year we went to opening day for Gifford’s ice cream when they give free cones. Maine’s premier ice cream calls quite the crowd, with a line reminiscent of Disney World during peak season. I try to get into the more exotic flavors, but my favorites? Vanilla and coffee. Yum!

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