Time for a Last Summer Road Trip Read!

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With the news this week that VW is finally, FINALLY, putting it’s cool new version of the great VW Bus back into production–and its electric this time! I just couldn’t stop thinking about road trips. Summer isn’t officially over and those of us with no kids to get to the school bus each morning anymore can revel in travel….if we can afford it! So, I thought an updated post on road trip books was in order!

To read more about the cool new VW Bus, click here.
To read about my lifelong love of all things VW Bus, read Bussed!

The One With the Statutes Tumbling Down



Who wouldn’t want to have been there when the Berlin Wall came down and toured various parts of the former Soviet Union and Eastern block right after? Journalist Susan Viets did just that. She got to stick around in places long enough to find out how they were living, too. Like today in the USA there was discussion back then about statutes of former historical figures, too.

Picnic at the Berlin Wall by Susan Viets


The One With the Weirdos on the Bus



David Arnold certainly has a gift for storytelling. This is a road trip book with epic personalities. The trip has it all suspense, joy, anger, elation, sorrow and more.  This is a story of friendship, family, coming-of-age, learning to take time and not judge and learning to not merely survive, but thrive where you land in life.  If you like John Green, you will certainly like David Arnold. (This review originally appeared in a post here on January 20, 2016).

Mostquitoland: A Novel by David Arnold.


The One On the Roads You Can See From the River


last girls

Lost Girls is part road trip (well, river trip–same dif, right?) , part reunion story. You can read my full review here.

Lost Girls by Lee Smith.


The One With Potty Breaks




When Jess, Tanz. Norman and Nicky, met Ed… or the most interesting family road trip with a big dog ever taken. You can read my full review here.


The One From Hell



If you picked this book for its slim size you’d be shocked at how much of a story–and what a shocking story at that–Ms Spark packed in here! It is one of Boxall’s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, too.

The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark


The One Forthcoming and With a Guest Reviewer



Marjorie, at Marjorie’s World of Books, found this forthcoming gem of a road trip book. You can read her great review here.

Start Without Me by Joshua Max Feldman.


The One I Still Need to Read


I’ve had this one on my pile since I met the author at Cincinnati’s great Books By the Banks book festival a couple of years ago. I guess it can anchor next year’s road trip post.

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


You can read my first Road Trip Books Post here


5 thoughts on “Time for a Last Summer Road Trip Read!

  1. I so want to read Mosquitoland! I will get to it eventually. And I love VeeDub bus! We bought one in Australia when we were travelling there. We loved her! My husband owned one when I met him, but it was in a pretty dire state and without the funds to do her up, he had to sell her. One day we will get one again 🙂

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