Review: Murder of a Lady: A Scottish Mystery by Anthony Wynne


First of all,  I must say I’m very sorry–I thought I’d noted the blog where I found this gem of a mystery.  I like to acknowledge by fellow book bloggers when I discover a good book via their posts. So, sorry!

The Story

The beloved sister of a Scottish laird is killed in what seems to be her sealed-from-inside bedroom. Is the murder her brother? The Faithful Family Piper? Her beloved nephew?  His wife? The village doctor?

In the proof of the Bible verse that says “There is nothing new under the sun,” people in the remote Scottish Highlands in the late 1920s (the book was published in 1931) had a mistrust and dislike of religion it seems. The beloved sister of the laird was very religious. Was that a cause?

Or, was it the “swimming thing” that was black like a seal?

What I Liked

Those who know me, know I’ve been writing a multi-generational series set in a Highland Castle in the between the wars years for just about forever, so this book was just right for me! I love the old-timey things–gentlemen taking a pinch of snuff, for example. Or the family employing a piper who, due to hard times, is having to also double as a sort of butler. I liked the cozy aspects of young Hamish’s nursery and of folks having to light candles to break the darkness. I loved that the Castle is set on a Loch and that the kitchen still had an axe as a tool.  Best of all, I liked that page one introduces us to the Procurator Fiscal of Mid-Argyll. Now that’s a chap we don’t meet much any more! I’m hoping he wore Chains of Office–I’m a real sucker for Chains of Office.  I loved that the nephew’s name is Eoghan and that his wife is Oohagh. Marvelous! I took the man’s name to be pronounced as “Ewan” and the women’s as “Una”. Correct me, please, if I am wrong!

This book worked equally well as a classic “Who done it?” Or as an episode of Scooby Do Where Are You? Think about it–spooky castle, ancient retainers hovering nearby with lit candles, a murder, a bunch of shady folks lurking nearby and then…. AND THEN…..a swimming creature! Yep! I can just see Scooby leaping into Shaggy’s arms, can’t you?

Murder of a Lady: A Scottish Mystery by Anthony Wynne


Solid 3 Stars

Exactly what I want from an old-time murder mystery!



Credit: Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster


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