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Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders


  1. Mila!


Like Moses parting the waters, it took only one word from super-toddler Mila to quiet an entire preschool! Move over Eloise! This girl is the real deal.


2. Flora Poste



2. Flora Poste  from Cold Comfort Farm–if she can sort out that mess, she could deal with Congress! Now if she could just find out what the nasty thing was that happened in the woodshed. My review.





3. Crumpet



3.  Crumpet the Elf in Santa Land by David Sedaris. This is the piece that MADE David Sedaris. I remember howling with laughter in my office the morning it was originally braodcast. It’s a Christmas Classic at my house! Here’s the link to the ORIGINAL broadcast.




4. Morticia


She’d never hog the spotlight–she prefers the dark. She’s got the wardrobe nailed. And, her husband adores her! Perfect next POTUS.






5. Mummy-Ji



Chubby, middle-aged Vish Puri solves crimes without realizing that his beloved Mummy-Ji helps lead him to the solutions.  She is brilliant. Vish Puri by Tarquin Hall.





6. Ruth Zardo




The Grumpy Cat of Three Pines, poet Ruth Zardo, whose best friend is a duck is profane, annoying, insane and loveable. She’d be an awesome leader–like the dictator in a dystopian series!




7. Bernadette



Bernadette is spot on in her “take” a Seattle’s upper-upper class parents–and on life today.  This lady is a “cut-the-crap” Queen who could take charge and put people in their place.






8. Miss Clavel




Anyone who can get 12 little girls to march around in two straight lines has to be a leader! Yes, yes, then there  is Madeline….ok.. 11 little girls. Still….. There’s always a loose canon, right?  Miss Clavel from Madeline




9. and 10. Grace and Frankie





If these two oversaw the White House and the Senate we’d get things done! Not done to please everyone, but DONE. And their ex-husbands are adorable. I love this show! Grace and Frankie.




Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish each week.  You can read more about it here. Or, you can read this week’s lists here.



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