Review: Christmas in London by Anita Hughes


The Story

Louisa receives the career-making chance of a lifetime when Baking With Bianca’s desert fails and her cinnamon rolls are brought in to save the day. Off to London to do a tv show, Christmas at Claridge’s her professional life is made. And, possibly, her personal lie, too. Kate’s TV career is taking off. Since leaving Prince William and Kate’s alma mater, St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, she’s put in the time. Now, with Christmas at Claridge’s, her mark is made. But will some blasts from her past enhance or endanger her happiness and success?

What I Liked

I loved it all. It’s light and fun, well-paced and jolly. Just what a Christmas book should be.  The food sounds so delicious, the venues so inviting and the worst thing that happens to anyone is an attempted tryst that is solved with the words “No thank you.” Pass the eggnog and the mince pies, please! This one is a winner.


But even in a fictionalized Royal Family, they mostly live at Kensington Palace–not St. James. But who, other than me, cares, right?

My Rating


THE Christmas book for lovers of contemporary romantic stories!

Christmas in London by Anita Hughes

4 thoughts on “Review: Christmas in London by Anita Hughes

  1. What a nice sounding book. Sometimes (especially Christmas) a lighthearted read is perfect. And hey, even I would know it’s Kensington rather than St James!

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