Shoebox Shopping: Getting started on 2018



With a family member in the hospital and both of my kids now adults, we voted to “sort of” skip Christmas. We’re having the usual meals for Christmas and a few small gifts only. That’s plenty. So the little I had already put-back for Christmas more than covered it, leaving some left over. So, adding that little stash, to unspent “spending” money for my trip to the OCC Processing Center in Boone and then having a surprise of forgotten Swag Bucks that were credited too late for 2017, I’ve been shoebox shopping!


Here are a few photos:


My goal of 400 pencil pouches is under way! I’ll be making some, and it seems my Mom will be too–yeah! But others will be bought along the way. (If you want to contribute all of these will go to the church I traveled with or to the Processing Center for “filler” and all will have pens, pencils, etc).  I found a forgot Clearance nook and got the bright orange and green ones for 50 cents each. Not a bad price. The other three are brand new thrift-store finds that I got free! (More later)



To help fill all of those pencil bags I hit the jackpot at Office Depot–a deal I’d read about on a shoebox blog–and got 51 bags of blue pens and 3 red for $0.14 each. They gave me the rulers for a penny each since they did not ring up right. The large box of 72 colored pencils were $3 each and will go in big kid boxes. The double-ended markers were $1 and will also be for big kid boxes. Other clearance items were cute stickers–$1 for 3 packs, girls sandals, buy one at $2.50, get on 1/2 off and Michaels marked their plaid metal water bottles down 60%. For that price I can live with not being able to pack anything in them. They are well made and will last.

I also ordered 20 of these for $0.79 each from For Teachers Only .com. The shipping was fast, the order was filed correctly and they are more than adequate–especially for the price. I might end up ordering more. I also got boxes of misprinted pencils and mismatched pens–all a great value.



I have a local Thrift Shop I love, but it is closing. They have almost given me big bags of stuffed animals ($2 a bag). I “re-inspect” them in daylight to be sure they are “new.” Any that aren’t get re-donated. I’ve picked up brand new water bottles there and for a dime or a quarter have gotten new/like new clothing to re-use the fabric for pencil bags, girls’ skirts and other needs.



I’m not a fan of cheap flip-flops having walked 3 miles in the rain in them in Malawi once and been forced to have very cold feet, blisters between my toes and cuts on my feet that took a while to heal! I get it that there are places where they are a good thing–like orphanages with communal shower rooms. This type I have fewer problems with so when I stumbled upon Clearance at the local Family dollar I grabbed all only to smile more when all seven pairs rang up for less than $10! Several will go to the church I traveled with to be help less-filled boxes from their packing party. A few days later I picked up some girls sandals there, too, for the same sort of price.


Sorry the Photo Was Awful


My clothing stash is about done–I had several t-shirts left from 2017. My goal is that each box have a simple outfit–dress or shirt and skirt for girls and shorts and shirt for boys. As always, I ask myself, “Would I want my kid to wear this?” If the answer is no, I don’t buy it or pack it. Gabe’s (Gabriel Brothers) is a favorite clothing place. Spend a certain amount (I don’t always) and get a coupon for next month. I also get easy-to-pack thin fleece blankets there for $2 as well as inexpensive jewelry for big girls and some filler items. My other clothes haunts are Marshalls/TJ Maxx and Walmart. I don’t like this season’s Target collections for kids much so won’t bother there this time. Kohl’s is another good Clearance source. I don’t do Kohl’s Cash but if you do–don’t let those expire! Use them for nice kids stuff from Clearance.


Art supplies and toys are improving in this year’s box–the WOW thing I wrote about last week. I found these HUGE boxes of 96 crayons at Target for $3.48 each–one for a boy, one for a girl. The other items are from Target’s dollar bins. Finally! Some cool boy pencils! Some of my toys, ordered with SwagBucks that credited to my account too late for 2017, have started arriving (more later). I’ve also received the 3 clearance soccer balls I ordered. I like to send different ones. I did the bulk thing one year and thought “What if these went to the same village? They’d fight over whose is whose!” [Yes, it is very possible they’d go to the same village. Here’s how: My boxes arrive at the collection point church, are immediately boxed in cartons. Those cartons are opened at the processing center and they are inspected and put into a new carton and shipped. They really could all go to the same place!]



Oh, and I ordered my actual shoeboxes! I got 40 plastic shoeboxes in a good Walmart deal for $32 (that also earned me Swagbucks for shoebox shopping later), but doubt I can send that many this year, so I have a head start on 2019.

What’s left?

These will be paid for mostly with my small summer check for indexing. It’s a token amount but it does a lot in shoebox terms.

A lot, actually! But happily, there’s almost a year in which to accomplish or find it all!

Dollar Tree:

Soccer Ball Pumps (extra needles from Wal-mart)

Girls Sewing Kits (love these–in a nice vinyl bag)

Pencil Bags

Pretty Pencils for girls

Coloring Books

Bible Story Books

Board Books

Fun little filler items-hair bands, little toys, notepads, whatever

Toothbrushes, hair brushes, combs

Flexible cover composition books



Water bottles or nice cups with lids (I tend to find these at Marshalls/TJ Maxx clearance)

A few nice big girls’ purses

Pencil bags

Cotton sanitary napkins (Etsy–if I don’t make some)

Scientific calculators–for big kid boxes

Geometry sets–for big kid boxes

Soap/Soap Containers (Kroger with my $2 pharmacy coupon each month)



Back-to-school sales on school supplies

Clearance on t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses

Bandanas for girl boxes

Other filler items


To Make:

Girls skirts as necessary

Pencil bags

Sanitary napkins

Drawstring bags for little stuff


2 thoughts on “Shoebox Shopping: Getting started on 2018

  1. sjbraun

    Wow! I honestly wondered how much more you would even need after all that, so I’m glad you went into that at the end. LOVE the American Girl things! I’m checking into getting those boxes from WMart. Great deal!


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