Review: Seven Days of Us: A Novel by Francesca Hornak


The Story

When Olivia Birch returns home at Christmas from treating an Ebola-like epidemic in Liberia, the entire family must stay quarantined for seven days at their rather run-down Norfolk country home. Parents Andrew and Emma, sister Phoebe and two unexpected guests must get along and try to support each other as they wait for the threat of the illness to abate.


What I Liked

The family is so….real. Very financially secure, to be sure–with a country home and a house in London, but they are normal. There are secrets, mistakes, and failures–but not the Jerry Springer variety.

Parents Emma and Andrew have, predictably, grown apart while raising children. The two sisters have taken wildly different paths in life. It seems no one really understands each other. Then events take over and, in the end, they pull together in their own quirky way–just like a real family.

My Rating

3.75 Stars

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