My Favorite Presidential Biographies


President’s Day makes me think of the many fascinating men who’ve held the office–and of the books about them I’ve read. But first, I must tell you I’m a serious collector of books on both Roosevelts and a less serious one on books on Kennedy and Lincoln–both of those collections were begun with book inherited from my paternal grandmother.

Here then are my choices:


For the record, Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough is my favorite. Another day, I’ll post my favorite First Lady biographies–I collect on them as well.

Happy President’s Day

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  1. I didn’t know you collected so many presidential type books! First ladies sound interesting too. You should share photos of your “presidential shelves” sometime!

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    1. Yes–First Ladies are another hobby of mine. Eleanor, obviously, is the one I read most about, but I have a number of other biographies. None on any of the four most recent though….. I stopped with dear Bar whom I love!


    1. Coolidge does matter! And there’s such a sad story in that family. One of the saddest in First Lady/First Family stories, too. Warren Harding matters too–very much like today in a few ways [not taking political sides!!!]. Good to have you back so soon. I need to see what you’ve been up to, Lizzie!


  2. What a happy post to stumble on today! I have in my 2018 goals to read at least 5 history books with a focus on biographies….Teddy Roosevelt is a priority. I have Bully Pulpit and Mornings on Horseback. I just read one called The True Flag about Roosevelt’s role in expansionist policies which was interesting and a good start for me. Next up is definitely the McCullough! And I would LOVE to see your post about First Lady biographies!

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