Top 5 Wednesday Freebie: Five New Royal Books


This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is a Freebie week–choose your own topic. So, with a two royal weddings and a new royal baby all coming up I chose five new(er) royal books!

UK cover



Victoria and Christian IX of Denmark are like the trees of royal life.  You can read my review here. Or see the book here  Queen Victoria’s Royal Matchmaking: The Royal Marriages That Shaped Europe by Deborah Cadbury.






If you’ve enjoyed watching Netflix’s The Crown, you might be interested to know how much was fact and how much was fiction. Hugo Vickers has written the definitive guide, The Crown Truth & Fiction. [I have not read this yet]. You may also be interested in the The Crown: The Official Companion Volume 1.







This novel tells what it’s like to be Prince Harry circa 2007 or so when he was in Afghanistan. [I have not read this yet]. Prince Harry Boy to Man: A Novel by William Kuhn.








A new biography of Prince Charles doesn’t offer too much new, but there are a few things mentioned that get fleshed out more than in the past. We learn more about his life after Diana’s death. Gossip, off-the record interviews, and some dubious sources are also involved. Prince Charles by Sally Bedell Smith. I read, but did not review this book.





Coming this summer



Rarely has a king made such a horrific miscacluation than George V made in refusing to allow his look-a-like first cousin, Tzar Nicholas II and his wife (also a first cousin) Alexandra to find refuge in Britain in 1918. George could not know that Nicholas, Alexandra and their five children would all be shot point blank one night. He feared the rising tide of communism/socialism and worker discontent could spread to Britain and threaten his own throne.  This book will tell the whole story. The Race to Save the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport.



Do you enjoy sharing book lists like this? Check out the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads.com! Post your own list or do a video!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday Freebie: Five New Royal Books

  1. You know I love this list 🙂 I did read, and enjoy, the Charles bio. Since I’ve watched the first 2 seasons of Victoria, I need to read a book on her now; I would enjoy that. I don’t know much at all about the Romanovs. Ahhh, so many books, so little time!

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    1. I don’t have a “favorite” bio of Victoria. Most tend to dwell too much on the politics of the day which even I find dull and I took British history and politics in college. The new one I reviewed a few weeks back on her matchmaking was pretty fun.


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