April-ish Books



“April showers bring may flowers.” “What do Mayflowers bring?” “Pilgrims.” Sigh…I can remember that but can’t remember how to figure a tip in a restaurant (or other important things). It’s raining here–flash flooding even. Of course. It’s April in the Ohio River Valley. Here are a two great April-ish titles for your pleasure.


Across Five Aprils



When the Civil War begins, Jethro is helping on the family farm in Southern Illinois. Like some young people today, Jethro takes a stand and speaks up. It is not about anything predictable, but it is a truly important cause. Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt.





Come Rain, Come Shine



If this title doesn’t evoke April, I don’t know what does! This week it snowed, then if poured rain, it’s supposed to then be in the 70s and then more snow! “Rain or shine” is a common addendum to invitations to outdoor events in my neck of the woods. Come Rain, Come Shine by Jan Karon.





How about you? Any good April-ish books on your shelves or to-read list? Why not share them in a comment?

3 thoughts on “April-ish Books

  1. Across Five Aprils is such a great memory. My first year teaching (6th grade, and I was hired the weekend before school began) my class read that book mainly because we had a class set of copies. I really enjoyed it! I so wish the weather here felt more like April. It’s feeling like early winter.

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