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Top Ten Tuesday: Copy Cat Covers: Tigers in Red Weather


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is: Frequently Used Words In [Insert Genre/Age Group] Titles. I couldn’t do a thing with that one! So, I’m doing my own thing this week–which is allowed.


I really get annoyed by copy-cat cover! Like the marketing people think I’m so stupid I’ll buy the wrong book? Or, since I loved one book with that cover then I’d gladly buy a second with it? Right…… NOT!

This cover, for the best-seller, Tigers in Red Weather, is the first I noticed in this particular chain of copy-cat covers. For the record, the book did little for me:

Tigers in Red Weather: A Novel by Liza Klaussman  Kept waiting for something worthy of the hype. Nothing “wrong” with the story, just not that original or exciting either. Stupid names for characters always put me off, too, and a woman named “Nick” in the 1940s?? Oh please. [From my old blog, August 27, 2012.]

The Two Newest Books Copying the Cover

Since I couldn’t come up with anything for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, here are the other nine covers, starting wtih two brand new books. Ironically, they were both coverd in this recent Beach Reads post at Book Bub.


See the similarities? It isn’t always a complete copy–maybe just an element of the original.  In these two books one has the style of bathing suit and they both have stripes which mimick the subtle “stripes” of the stitching in hat and the spines of the parasols in the original.  FYI:  I’ll likely listen to The Husband Hour. I’m a sucker for a guy named Rory!


Here are the others:

And, yes, you’ve a good eye! One is by the same author as The Husband Hour!



Do you like the idea of copy cat covers? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!


Why not join in with Top Ten Tuesday? The rules and the weekly posts are at That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s fun!



14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Copy Cat Covers: Tigers in Red Weather

  1. Copy cat covers can be annoying. I know a lot of them in romance are due to the use of stock photos. I can’t blame authors for using them. As for the ones above, they don’t bug me. They all seem perfect for the title, theme, and era. I get why it would bug you, though.

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  2. I love your own thing this week.. I did the same. Wow! Those all look so similar. I’ve never really noticed that before. I guess, a lot of books I read are fantasy and not many of them seem similar. Although, I kind of want to go through my book shelf now!!

    Top Ten Tuesday

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  3. Great post! I do notice a lot of copy-cat covers (and titles…thanks, Gone Girl on a Train), but I don’t mind it with these beach books. I love the retro look, and I’ll buy just about any book that has Nantucket, beach house or island in the blurb. Several of these are on my shelves already.

    I may have bought Tigers in Red Weather mainly for the cover…

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