Review: The Tuscan Child: A Novel by Rhys Bowen



The Story

This one seemed to have it all: an aristocratic English pilot downed in Tuscany during World War II. His daughter, a young adult in the early 1970s, goes to Tuscany to piece together what happened while he was hiding out. Sounds like a good historical novel, right?


The Reality



Jinkies! Velma would have solved this before Scooby even needed a snack! The clues in this “mystery” were all of the sort only Shaggy and Scooby would puzzle over! The only one missing was the mean guy in the sheet pretending to be a ghost at the bombed monastery!

The narrative had every Italian cliche and stereotype ever created. Apparently, she Googled “Food of Tuscany” as her cuisine research. Truthfully? I knew we were in trouble when Jo boarded a bus with a woman holding a chicken and a priest in a wide-brimmed hat. Yep. That’s right. Then there was the mysterious footprint!!

Just lay this one out on the table for Thanksgiving. Turkey all around.

I hate to be this rude, but honestly? THIS is a best-seller getting RAVES? What do these people watch on t.v.? You could skip most of it and still know what happens.


2.5 stars

And that is overly generous.

The Tuscan Child: A Novel by Rhys Bowen

4 thoughts on “Review: The Tuscan Child: A Novel by Rhys Bowen

  1. LOL! I’m not alone finding truly poor books where others are bedazzled. I’m seriously thinking that our reviews should require a disclosure of our top of the list favorite book, and bottom of the list book.
    I know many get paid to rave on some books?, is that so?

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    1. I know many feel they must rave if they get a free copy of the book. I don’t! I get it that there are different types of books for different types of readers, but this was reviewed as being much “weightier” if you get my drift? Ugh….


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