Review: Digging In: A Novel by Loretta Nyhan


The Story

Recent widow Paige suffers another life-altering loss when her beloved boss dies and his business-guru-adoring son takes over. Paige responds by digging in–to her backyard, much to the consternation of her HOA and her nextdoor neighbor.



I could so relate to Paige and her co-workers and the guru-book!! Above are some of the ones I’ve been forced thru in my working life. That’s not to totally condemn the genre—most such books have at least a helpful nugget or two. They are also useful from time-to-time for a little motivation spurt.  It’s the whole guru/cult-of-personality aspect that gets ridiculous. [And the guru herself? Oh my … priceless! But, no spoilers!]

And then there’s the constant threat these days of having to reinvent your “work self” just to stay employed. That one is omnipresent for most of us. I enjoyed seeing Paige’s mature and realistic approach to this played off against the doom-and-gloom of her long-time co-worker’s inflexible stance.

Paige’s troubles at home were real, too. Her son, still sorting thru his own grief, now prefers Colin’s perfect mother. No wonder digging in had such appeal!!

Most of all, I loved the way this difficult time brought her into contact with other, new, people. I’ve needed things like this to get out of my normal circle, too, and it usually helps. It’s not a put-down to old friends–it’s just a time of life that requires new perspectives, new voices, new approaches.

This was my first exposure to this author’s work and while this is a “light” book—it is meant to be after all, it was a very relatable one.  The perfect read for the pool, the porch or the beach. It’ll make a really fun movie, too.

Digging In: A Novel by Loretta Nyhan

My Verdict

3.5 Stars





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