Review: Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrota


Eve Fletcher is a divorced, 46-year old director of a town’s Senior Center. Her only child is off to college, and she’s discovered a lack of…well…just about everything fun in her life. She sets out to “get a life” and does so in some great and some odd ways.

What I Liked

Eve was totally relatable [well, except for the “odd” part mentioned above]. She spent her evenings like I often do–playing Words With Friends, liking friend’s posts on Facebook, looking at fabulous stuff on Instagram and trying not to think about work or what her son could be up to. Her job was realistic, too–not some made for Hollywood thing that no one does or that never pays enough to afford THAT house. She was very real.

Margot’s story was at times cringe-inducing and at other times poignant. I’m still trying to imagine getting to go on a “potty party” with a group of gals out for the evening as a cool, cultural bonding thing. Whatever. We know the origin of Margot’s story well. I thought it was handled well and written in a believeable manner.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the uber-hip “As sh$-” and “As F**#” were used –were they used? That’s how seldom. Victory for literature on that front.

What I Liked Less

This is not a book for prudes–trust me. Though what I often call the “ick” factor was  related to the story and didn’t feel like it had been forced in after the book was finished. It’s a couple of Eve’s “odd’ choice in trying to find fun.

Though I loved the end for both Eve and her son I felt like I fell off a cliff to it. A safe landing, to be sure, but still falling off a cliff.


Was this serious or a send-up? I’ll leave it to you to decided when you read it.

Interesting question posted about the book on Goodreads that I also asked: Why WAS Brendan’s the only story told in first-person?


3.0 Stars

A good pool or beach read if no one is reading over your shoulder.


Be watching for Kathryn Hahn to star in the HBO movie of Mrs. Fletcher.

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