Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Chose to Not Finish


I do not finish books for these reasons:

  1. It’s boring me to death (or at least putting me to sleep)
  2. There are too many historical errors
  3. A character annoys me too much
  4. I run out of time on a library check-out and can’t renew
  5. Something idiotic happens
  6. The reader is just wrong for the audio book
  7. Right book, wrong moment

#2 and # 5 are important. I gave up on WILD when dear Cheryl praised herion useage. Really??? Are you THAT stupid? and I’ve given up on countless historical fiction titles for things that were just plain wrong. One Thousand White Women was among those.


When I’ve Kept Reading or Listening


Recently I chose to finish the completely improbable story of the Chilbury Ladies Choir by  Jennifer Ryan even though the historical inaccuracies were many because I wanted to understand why it got such sensational reviews. I decided it was because the editors were too young to realize the story was improbable.

I also kept listening to the Last Girls by Lee Smith even though Baby made me want to scream and throw the cd out the car window because I like Lee Smith’s writing and because the other characters had come to matter to me.


The Ones I Gave Up On Recently



White Houses I tried in print. It was “fine” it just wasn’t my vision of Eleanor OR of Hick.  I also tried Daughters of the Night Sky in print. How anyone lived after making a joke at the expense of the Red Army in a Red Army barracks was beyond me! My Dear Hamilton, unlike her earlier book, America’s First Daughter, just didn’t hold my interest.  My Grandmother…. was just plain annoying and I’ve loved everything by Fredrik Backman.  Carnegie’s Maid was too superficial. Inheriting Edith lost to only awful audio performance Cassandra Campbell has ever given.


What about you? What makes you give up on a book? Or, do you slog on to the bitter end? Leave me a comment with your answer.

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26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Chose to Not Finish

  1. I agree with your reasons for not finishing. I used to soldier on no matter what, but have now given that up. I DNF The Caliph’s House: a Year in Casablanca by Tahir Shah after 60 pages of craziness. What annoyed me no end was how he complained bitterly about England (where he was raised) and how he felt so hemmed in by everyone’s expectations of him. Then in Casablanca he literally cannot do anything without his servants’s blessings or that of their djinns. Not even use his toilet! He’s hampered in everything he wants to do, but somehow this is wonderful in Morocco. Hypocrisy I cannot abide! The account got more bizarre with every page till it seemed hallucinogenic. I can only waste so much reading time, so I quit.

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  2. I tend to quit if about 100 pages in if it hasn’t totally captured me or if I’m feeling bogged down or like I have to really work to finish. I have SO many on my stack. I’m tend to want to be a finisher NO MATTER WHAT, but I just can’t physically do it. So, I’m becoming better at just say, nope, not for me, or as least, not right now.

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  3. I used to soldier on to the end but I’ve become more inclined in recent years to give up on a book. It’s often because I don’t like the style of writing. I have a strong aversion to authors who think it’s ok to just stuff their prose with adjectives (Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black for example). Poor characterisation also irritates me by which I mean the characters lack subtlety.

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    1. I agree on both of those. I’m opposed to icky, overly-graphic, unnecessary sex scenes [in my reviews you may notice I say when they DIDN’T bug me because the fit the story] or pc stuff rammed into a book just to have pc stuff in the book. Dumb.


  4. I love that you listed reasons for giving up on a book. 1, 3, 5 & & are all huge for me. Boring never works! And, you’re so right on the narrator of an audiobook. I usually listen to the 5 minute sample and can tell if the narrator will work for me or not. Anymore, if an audio doesn’t offer a sample, but I do love that you can return books on Audible and frequently take advantage of that.


  5. Some of your reasons. Wrong moment, or wrong theme for me at the time, convoluted or too difficult and not worth my time, not fitting my development as a person who minds godly principles, (too dark, too steeped into the evil of this world), and sure, boring, poorly written, inexact, dry or too trivial and subpar.

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