Review: The Heirs: A Novel by Susan Reiger


The Story

Wealthy Manhattan attorney Rupert Falkes dies leaving a a ton of money and some interesting secrets for his wife, Eleanor, and five sons to enjoy and sort thru.

My Thoughts

I loved this fictional family! They were fun, funny, well mannered and caring, but not at all “perfect.” Eleanor had both a life and a family–which I admire. She was wealthy and did not have to work so she didn’t. I like that, too. Rupert was charming–I hope if there’s a movie that Nigel Havers will play him–that’s how charming he was! But…you knew there’d be a few “buts” right? But, Eleanor’s response? I’d have had her checked for dementia!  Especially given the response of the “other side” (trying to avoid spoilers here). I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have had such a sanguine response to that situation!

Nonetheless this is a gem! Comparisons were given in a one review to Salinger’s Manhattan stories and I was reminded of Laurie Colwin’s books such as Family Happiness.

My Verdict

4 Stars

The Heirs: A Novel by Susan Rieger

Thanks to Sarah’s Book Shelves for putting this book on my radar.



Nigel Havers

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