Review: Us Against You: A Novel by Frederik Backman

Fredrik Backman’s Beartown was the hockey book that wasn’t really about hockey. It was about US. About dealing with sexism and outrageous behavior by athletes and how things are perceived.  Now, in book 2 of this 2 book sereis, he shows us the after effects of such events.

Once “the event” [trying not to spoil the story for those who are still waiting to read Beartown] has occurred changes–ugly changes hit Beartown. People become fractious. Politicians sieze the day and pit “us” against “them” and the citizens buy into it. As the citizens are exploited by the bottom feeds pols, the young people of Beartown hockey and their friends must cope with what has happened to their friends.

What I love about Backman’s writing is that the characters are REAL. They feel things the way I would feel them. In this book the emotions are raw, the consequences sharp and biting. The spite, the wounding, the intentional slights and the mass cruelty are exactly what would happen in just about any town. In short, Backman is a writer who ‘gets it.” Forget that the story is set in Sweden. Forget that it’s ice hockey. It’s basketball in my town, it’s lacrosse in  your suburub, it’s whatever sport in your Borough,  it’s football in your county, it’s life in your apartment building. It’s our world today.

Us Against Them (Beartown Book 2) by Fredrik Backman.

My review of Beartown by Frerick Backman.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Us Against You: A Novel by Frederik Backman

  1. Nice to see this review. I read “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” and had a hard time with it. But then I read “Britt Marie Was Here” and liked it very much. (That’s about a soccer team – Backman must have played team sports!) I agree that his stories are about real people, even if they’re a little quirky. I may give these books a try. Thanks for the review!

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