Top Ten Tuesday: Mash-ups


Top Ten Tuesday–Mash-ups! This is not a topic I’m very good at, so I’m re-blogging my Top 5 post from earlier this year. You can participate in Top Ten Tuesday by following the rules posted at That Artsy Reader Girl HERE. Or, you can view this weeks posts HERE.



Hopewell's Public Library of Life


This week’s topic is Mash-ups. “You know those comp titles they list in synopses that read something like “perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones”! What would be some of your favorite mash ups, that would make you pick up a book? “A mix of ________ and ___________.” Remember, you can also incorporate games, tv, movies, etc. Get creative! ”

1. For Fans of Harry Potter who love to be immersed in the world of the books they read.


I’ve only read [well, listened to] book one (this one) but if this is any indication the series will be wonderful, too. My daughter and I listened to the excellent audio version recorded by Lynn Redgrave. We couldn’t continue with book 2 when we found out it had a different narrator. It’s hard! The voice of the narrator easily becomes the voice of a series. Check out this…

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