Shared Royal Birthdays and More Interesting Royal Dates


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Shared Birthdays

The Two August Babies

See those children on the left? [see photo above] Princess Margaret, in front of her grandfather King George V, and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles, in front of his father the then Viscount Lascelles [Later Earl of Harewood]. These two share the same birthday, albeit six years apart. Both Gerald (1924) and Margaret (1930) were born on August 21st. You can read more about Gerald’s fascinating parents’ and their cross-generational romance HERE.

The Two Christmas Babies

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Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (the only in-law not born a royal ever allowed to call herself “Princess”) was born Christmas Day 1901.  Her husband’s niece, Princess Alexandra of Kent, was born Christmas Day 1936–the Year of The Three Kings. She had the name “Christabel” added to her string of names in honor of being born on Christmas Day. Her parents were the current Queen’s Uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent and Prince Philip’s first cousin, Princess Marina of Greece.

More Shared Birthdays

February 25, 1883 – Birth of Princess Alice of Albany, the last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria, at Windsor Castle
February 25, 1885 – Birth of Princess Alice of Battenberg, mother of Prince Philip, wife of Prince Andrew of Greece, at Windsor Castle

These two even swapped places as a bridesmaid in a royal wedding. When one couldn’t get there the other was given the job!

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Prince Louis of Cambridge

April 23, 1981–Birth of Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince Michael of Kent

April 23, 2018–Birth of Prince Louis Arthur George of Cambridge. Son of Prince William.

A Dig at Dad? Married on Papa’s Birthday

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The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (aka King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson) were married June 3, 1937. The Duke’s late father, King George V, was born June 3, 1865. He famously said “When I am gone the boy [his eldest son] will ruin himself in a year.” In fact it didn’t take quite that long.

The Eternal Day of Gloom and a Birth That Did Not Amuse Queen Victoria

Victoria’s beloved Albert Dies and her poor Great-Grandson has the audacity to be BORN on the anniversary! Prince Albert of York (George VI) is beside Queen Victoria standing in front. Yes, boys wore dresses then.

This was a very, very important date until Victoria died in 1901. Royals trooped en masse to dear Albert’s resting place, like it or not.

Here are all the royal deaths, and that one birth, that occurred on this date:

  • December 14, 1861–Death of Prince Albert (the Prince Consort) Queen Victoria’s beloved husband.
  • December 14, 189  Birth of Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George of York, later King George VI (father of the current Queen)
  • December 14, 1878 Death of Princess Alice of Hesse (2nd Daughter of Queen Victoria and Great-Grandmother of Prince Philip)
  • December 14, 1945 Death of the Countess of Southesk, aka HH Princess Maud of Fife (Granddaughter of King Edward VII)

The Royal Leap Year Baby

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James Robert Bruce Ogilvy, son of Princess Alexandra and the Hon. [later Sir] Angus Ogilvy was born on Febrary29, 1964–Leap Year Day.  He went to boarding school with Prince Edward and former Prime Minister David Cameron. James is also the name-sake Godfather of Prince Edward’s son, Viscount Severn–youngest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth.

Celebrate Your Brother’s Birthday by Holding Your Wedding On His Birthday!

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November 14, 1973 was Prince Charles’ 25th birthday, so Princess Anne celbrated by getting married! Her wedding to first husband, Mark Phillips, was held in Westminster Abbey with only two attendants–her little brother, Prince Edward and their first cousin Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. She’d said she had seen “yards of uncontrollable children” at too many weddings. Since she regularly served tours of duty as an in-demand society bridesmaid as a child and teen she knew what she was talking about!

Sadly, their first child, Peter Phillips, missed being born on his parents’ fourth wedding anniversary by only a few hours. He was born November 15, 1977.


Easiest Birthday to Remember!

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Princess Beatrice of York, daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, was born on 8-8-’88, August 8, 1988. Tim Taylor, husband of Lady Helen Windsor, daughter of the Duke of Kent, was born August 8, 1983 for another shared birthday.


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  1. No surprise that I loved this! I do always remember Beatrice’s 8-8-88. Ha ha on Anne’s comments on wedding attendants. I didn’t realize Edward was in her wedding. Oh my as well on Edward VIII’s dad’s comments. Those unfortunate pleats on Wallis’s dress — reminds me of the dress Kate wore at Pippa’s wedding. Not her best look for sure.

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