Top Ten Tuesday: The Longest Books I’ve Read


This week’s topic is HUGE! The biggest books I’ve read! I love big books, though the cell phone distraction has eaten away at my attention span–I admit it. Most of these are long-time favorites. Only Raintree County and Gray House and the very boring letters (most of them–the interesting ones were in the reviews) of the Queen Mum get less than a lifetime’s seal of approval. It helps that one of my favorite authors, Herman Wouk, is given to writing wonderful, long, sprawling novels a reader can lose themselves in.

The Ten I’ve Finished–and mostly loved

Longest Book I’ve Listened to



I don’t recommend this for rush hour! I nearly had an accident when one sex scene started. I listen while I drive to/fro work each day.

The Ones I’m Still Working On



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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Longest Books I’ve Read

  1. I have wanted to read Outlander for a long time. I’ve been so intimidated by the size of it! Maybe I should try listening to it like you did! I’ll have to avoid those rush hour sex scenes, though! 😉

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  2. ha ha on almost driving off the road 🙂 Recently, my longest read was Atlas Shrugged. Also, the Bible (several times), GWTW (thanks to you!) and some Ken Follett books stand out. In high school I remember Crime and Punishment seeming really long, but in looking now I see that it’s “only” around 600 pages. Interesting topic!

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  3. Ha, I’ve definitely ended up in similar (hazardous) driving situations while listening to the Outlander series audiobooks! 🙂 War and Remembrance made my list this week as well. It’s been a long time since I read that book (and Winds of War), but they’ve stayed so vividly in my mind. Anna Karenina should have been on my list as well — I don’t know why I didn’t think of it! Such an interesting mix of books — great list!


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