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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Villains


This is a difficult topic for me. I don’t enjoy being scared. I’m not a fan of baddies who hurt people. I don’t read books that feature them, nor do I watch tv or movies with them. It can upset me too much. Yes, I’m a snowflake. Also, I’ve done variations on this topic before and don’t like to just keep posting the same old, same old. So, the HP villains, Satan of the Screwtape Letters, The Pig Who Is More Equal in Animal Farm, etc., are in posts linked at the bottom.

#1 Cathy Ames in  East of Eden


I should have known when Oprah picked this for her book club that nothing good was going to happen! I know there are and have always been people as vile as Cathy, but I don’t want to know them–not even in fiction. Reading about Cathy led me to actual nightmares, queasiness and a feeling of discomfort so bad that I’m feeling stressed just copying the book cover and including it here. I could not finish the book though all of those feelings ARE a true endorsement of what a great writer John Steinbeck was! East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

The movie featured the legendary James Dean as Caleb. I won’t be watching it! There was also a tv mini-series of the book as well.

#2 Scar in the Lion King


Jeremy Irons is one of my all-time great celebratie crushes. I love cats and that includes lions. And, let’s face it, it IS annoying when your cute-as-a-button nephew gets to inherit the entire kingdom. (Just ask Prince Harry).  The Lion King.

#3 IT in A Wrinkle in Time


How dare IT try to ruin a happy, quirky, high-achieving family!! A Wrinkle in Time.

#4 Hurricane Katrina in Five Days at Memorial

(Katrina stands proxy for every hurricane or natural disaster)


No one should have to make the decisions these brave nurses, doctors and others had to make during that storm. Five Days At Memorial.

#5 The Sharks and the U.S. Navy


Not to be confused with the great John Wayne war movie of the same name, this book tells of what happened to the commander of the U.S.S. Indianapolis when the ship went down and he and others survived on the open sea in the face of shark attacks. For years the survivor’s fought to clear their commanders name and eventually won.  In Harm’s Way.

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