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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Cosplay or wear as a Halloween Costume


Since I’m short and round and over 50 that leaves me with the Golden Girls as my most likely cosplay folks! Never mind, we can all dream, right?


#1 Literary Cosplay: Carol Burnett’s Scarlett O’Hara


One of the funniest takes on literature ever done! In the book, of course, the dress is made out of the drapes the Yankees somehow forgot to steal. In the sketch, Scarlett wears the drapes, rod and all, to comic effect!


# 3 Royal Cosplay


Well, ok, I couldn’t resist–that’s Carol Burnett again, famously playing Queen Elizabeth with the ridiculous hat and voice back in the 1970’s.


Both Carol and the real Queen Elizabeth have aged since then! But give me a coat dress, a hat, a white hairdoo and a good brooch and I’d be the queen!


Camilla–well, Tracey Ullman’s Camilla! For years on my old blog and for a while here on this blog, I wrote a spoof diary of ‘Milla. You can read those here. I was pleased the Tracey saw her the same way I do.


#4 Political Cosplay


I used to have the Hilary pantsuits and we have the same body-type though she manages her weight very well by comparison with me. Same lank, do-nothing hair too. Tracey Ullman also does a greet Angela Merkle. I can pull her off too–same dumpy body and short hair.


You can participate in Top 5 Wednesday by joining the group on and then doing a video or blog post. It’s fun!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Cosplay or wear as a Halloween Costume

  1. Do you get many trick or treaters? If so, you should rig up one of these characters and greet kids at the door in it. They would love it! (Most wouldn’t “get” the characters, but still) 🙂


  2. Well this one is a challenge. Since we’re into fantasy rather than reality I shall be able to ignore the facts about my body shape/age/hair colour etc .So who would I go for . I’m thinking glamour – so how about: literary- the first Mrs De Winter from Rebecca; political – Jackie Kennedy and royal- princess Grace of Monaco

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