Top 5 Wednesday: Book Wish List


I rarely get books for Christmas. No one is ever sure what I already own! So I occasionally receive an Amazon gift card or two. I love that. Some of the books I want to own are..well… let’s say ‘esoteric’. Meaning expensive [to me] or hard to find.



The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings goes with my interest in C.S. Lewis. I find the life he led, especially, pre-Joy Davidman, to be very intetresting. I’m not a fan of Tolkein’s books, but he was an amazing writer, just not of a genre I enjoy. So that part will interst me as well.


A Vicar’s Wife in Oxford occurring contemporanesouly with some of The Fellowship, I want it because I love reading stories of everyday, real life.


The Past is Myself & The Road Ahead are the memoirs of an English woman, married in the early 1930’s to a German attorney. She lives thru the war in Germany.


The Three Graces of Val-kill is the story of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most interesting personal relationship–the other two women of the threesome she made a home with mostly before the White House. The owned a home, a school, a facotry and triple monogrammed china together.  Two recent novels on Eleanor’s love affair with journalist Lorena Hickock, haven’t done much with this era of her life. This also adds to my Roosevelt collection.


Memoirs of a Russian Lady just looks and sounds fascinating!


A Bonus Book



Paul J. Sachs and the Mueum Course at Harvard. Pretty much my idea of an interesting book. I’d rather it was on the Columbia Rare Books Program, but I learned a lot about that from a graduate who was in my Peace Corps group. This is all new material for me!


But, what about fiction?

I’ll cover the novels I’m looking forward to in another post.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Book Wish List

  1. These do look interesting! I understand why people would be reluctant to buy you books. It would be a bummer to get a duplicate. I hope you’ll get something from your wishlist this year — either directly, or with gift money 🙂


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