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Top 5 Books I’ve Found When Nothing on My TBR Was Available or Thru Other Means


Top 5 Wedensday is a group on that you can join. Each week group members post a video or a blog post with their own Top 5. It’s fun!

I keep a To Read list on because I can’t remember titles when I go to the library or a bookstore! In truth, I almost never do either–I request them from the library online or order them from various places online. I’m a librarian (but not in a public library) so I use the tools to save time. But, once in a while, I’m forced to browse–especially for audio books for my commute, but also from print books. Here then are the Top 5 books I’ve found that way recently–they are not ranked in any way.


#1 The Monk of Mokha



I was chilled by Eggers novel The Circle, so when I saw his name in the available e-audio books I read the blurb and downloaded it. I’m not even a coffee drinker, but I enjoyed this book so much. My review.


2. Need to Know


Ok, so this one actually was forced on me by my Mom, but as usual I enjoyed it. I didn’t have it on my list though. And, she stumbled upon it when looking for an audio for herself. Well worth it! My review.


3. 1947: Where Now Begins



I came across this print book while looking for an audio history book. It’s translated from Swedish, too, in case you are a challenge-reader. Interesting premise. My review.


4. The Kaiser’s Last Kiss



This was an interesting find–a thriller about the last days of the last Kaiser. My review.]


5. The Mushroom Hunters



A nonfiction book about hunting fungus? Yawn, you say? No! Fascinating. I learned of this when a librarian-friend pulled me into a library program one evening when I was picking up my requested books and audios. It was excellent. Here’s my review.


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Books I’ve Found When Nothing on My TBR Was Available or Thru Other Means

  1. That’s an interesting title on the 1947 book. I’m trying to think of what date might pin 1947 as pivotal. Possibly the full establishment of the UN and its interesting security council, or the rapid deterioration of US/Soviet relations. Well, time to click your review and find out!

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  2. This topic is interesting. Years ago, I just walked into the library and browsed. No more, with online reviews and Goodreads to-read lists. Interestingly enough though, I’m not sure the books I read these days are better than the ones I chanced upon back then!
    And yes, I’ve had times when I had to read a “random” book on kindle or something the library online books had in. Horrors! 🙂


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