Cross-Generational Romance in Jane Austen? The “new” Darcy!


 Illustration credit: (Nick Hardcastle/ UKTV) in Smithsonian Magazine

If you’ve read this blog very often you’ll have learned that I’m a fan of truly romantic, loving older man–younger woman couples (not Sugar Daddy relationships). So when I read the story in Smithsonian about Mr. Darcy being “redesigned” I thought, what if he was older? What if this was him but with his real hair–not a powdered wig?

Until about the time of World War II (an era way beyond the time of Pride and Prejudice) young women were often courted by and then married to older men. I’ve covered some of them in this blog, From Anthony and Clarissa Eden to Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to Jefferson and Varina Davis to Lord Harewood (Lascelles) and Princess Mary, all had successful marriages. So why not, Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy?

It makes an amount of sense. An older Darcy would be settled, will have sowed his wild oats and will be able to support a wife. Pemberly is, therefore, not in danger of having to be sold. An heir, however, might be needed. What is more, he is mature and confident and can handle a strong-willed lady in his life without being threatened by her. See? It makes sense.


Photo credit: BBC Colin Firth as Darcy in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice


So Elizabeth Bennett would find an odler Darcy…attractive? She was the sensible one, remember? Sure she’d nearly die of lust if Colin Firth emerged from the pond, but as a  husband the older Darcy would be the better catch in every way to a sensible girl. And, no, I don’t think she’d run off and play Lady Chatterly with the gamekeeper, either! Unless he was Colin Firth…or Laurence Olivier. Well, Olivier might get away with being a butler, but I can’t see him as the sexy gamekeeper.


Laurence Oliver as Darcy

To me, the idea of Darcy as an older man makes the story much more interesting!



4 thoughts on “Cross-Generational Romance in Jane Austen? The “new” Darcy!

      1. Same here! Back in the seventies a film series was produced called “The Adams Chronicles”. Their meeting is portrayed there rather amusingly….he attempts to compliment her for being a musical prodigy, and her rebuttal is VERY flirtatious for the age. I have their letters on Kindle but haven’t tried to read them through.

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