Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Couples In Books


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Last week Top 5 Wednesday had couples we “ship” (i.e. love). Happily I peaked to see what was ahead for Top Ten Tuesday since I do  both. So, you can read HERE about five couples I love from Movie and T.V.

Here are some of my favorite couples in books.

Numbers 1 to 5

Scarlett and Rhett


Scarlett and Rhett–the couple who began it all for me. (Yes, they are in the movie list, too.) I read this book for the first time in 1975 and have read it 30 or so times since then. They’re better in the book–trust me. Yes, even better. No I do NOT like the way the slaves were deipcted. No, he doesn’t rape her. But, Scarlett and Rhett are THE American couple for me. Gone With the Wind.

Honor and Richard


Honor Harris and Richard Grenville–swoon!! Yes, the book gets long if you aren’t into military history–just skim that part, ok? It’s Daphne Du Maurier so do yourself a favor and don’t read any moder synopsis–they all have a major spoiler. I loved this. I cried, shouted, turned the lights back on and refused to sleep. Sigh.  The King’s General.

My review from my old blog: “Honor Harris and Richard Grenville, the King’s General in the West, are caught up in the English Civil war. Richard, a rapscallion of the highest order, is the love of Honor’s life. A man’s man to the core, Richard bears his own version of true allegiance to his lady. The rough times of the war, the rough and ready personality of Richard, the unconditional love Honor holds for him, all create one of the most memorable love stories ever. Daphne Du Maurier, author of Rebecca, and wife of World War II General “Boy” Browning, weaves a web of almost fatal love and attraction that is not to be missed. I seldom buy fiction, but I ordered bought this one and will be re-reading it for years to come.”

Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali


Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali–what a great couple!! What’s not to love about a widower who cleans while wearing his late wife’s housecoat over his clothes and a woman who puts on her late husband’s jacket for comfort? I love these two. Best of all, the show us again and again, the regardless of culture or language, families can annoy anyone, but no one more so than those in love, especially over the age of 30. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand: A Novel.

My review from my old blog:This book is a modern treasure! Subtly highlighting the “gauche-ities” of 21st Century life, the book deals with the cross-cultural “mature” romance of uptight/upright Empire-Loving Brit, Ernest Pettigrew and the village shopkeeper, Mrs. Ali. The absurdities of life that cause them to catch each other’s eye and to vent ever-so-politiely to each other are truly heartwarming. Love the way their families are.. . well …normally insane? Believable? Loved? All of the above? Yes.”

Louisa and Will


Working class girl Louisa Clark and posh public school boy Will Traynor end up with a love that is the “stuff of fairytales.” Only it isn’t. It’s better than that. So much to love about these two! Me Before You–I also loved the movie version, which is rare for me. My review.

Addie and Louis


Addie Moore and Louis Waters brought the romance back to Colorado! Piercing the lonlieness of sleepless nights they brought in relationship in the best sense of the word. Even the movie version was good! Our Souls at Night. My review.

Numbers 6–10


Numbers 6–10 are in my Top Ten Tuesday Post located HERE.

For more romance, see the Tag Cloud in the right sidebar for “Cross-Generational Romance” featuring real life and fictional older man, younger woman couples. Including a president, a prime minister, a real-life princess, and many others!

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    1. Oooh! You might enjoy “Becoming Mrs Lewis” — it’s about Joy Davidman and CS Lewis’ relationship as it started and matured. I just read it yesterday. It was AS wonderful as Shadowlands, I think, and I just saw Shadowlands the night before. 🙂

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  1. I only know of the first couple……. My favourite would be Helene Hanff and Frank in 64 Charing Cross road. I should really call them the couple that never was because they never meet, and don’t fall in love. Its a relationship of like minds – people who love books

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