Review: Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson


The Story

A lonely farmer’s wife in England writes a letter to the author of a book who has already died. A chance correspondence grows between the man who answered the letter and the farmer’s wife.  Through there letters both sort things out in lives and become caring friends.

My Thoughts

I love epistolary novels–stories told through letters, e-mails, texts of diaries. This one had such believable characters with such realistic life stories that I place it up there with the non-fiction 84 Charing Cross Road in my affections. A  higher recommendation than that I cannot offer! Tina and Anders, like Helene and Frank, will live on in my heart forever.

I could relate completely to Tina’s remarks on Daphne. In fact, many of them could be summed up as the story of one aspect of my life.

Yet again I am blown away by the knowledge that this is the author’s first novel. Well done! Even better to me, an aspiring writer, is the fact that she was first published later in life (she is in her 70s).

I am grateful to blogger Cornflower Books who first made me aware of this treasure of a book.

My Verdict

4 Stars

Meet Me at the Museum by Ann Youngson


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