Top 5 Wednesday & Top Ten Tuesday: Fiction On My Spring 2019 TBR




I’ve a whole lot of historical fiction coming up! I am funny about fictionalized stories of real people. I get put-off by silly historical errors, modern figures of speech or modern use of profanity and modern day opinions put on historical figures where there is no documentation to show they believed it. ther things that puts me off are stilted conversations in which it is explained who everyone is and why things are done this way and “filling” up space with newspaper headlines. If you read historical fiction you should understand history! Why can’t they put a “Cast of Characters” and some family trees and things like books used to do?

I get irritated, too,  at how often rival publishers seem to come up with competing “versions” of books. Two recent biographies of Rosemary Kennedy or the two biographies of Kick Kennedy–that sort of thing.  Recently  A Well Behaved Woman and now American Duchess, both look at the Vanderbilts. I gave up on the audio of A Well Behaved Woman for one of my pet peeves (not saying which one).

From the ten books above, The Editor is the one that intrigues me the most because Jackie O was of my lifetime. She became a cultural icon the year before I was born.



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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday & Top Ten Tuesday: Fiction On My Spring 2019 TBR

  1. I just added The Editor to my Goodreads list – it looks great! I hear you about how irritating publishing trends can be… how are we supposed to decide WHICH one is going to be better? Because really – do we need to read two books about the Vanderbilts in quick succession when there are so many other books in the world to get to??!

    What a wonderful list! I hope you do some fantastic reading this spring!

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  2. Those things annoy me too with historical fiction. A frequent issue I come across is when an author has done a lot of research and instead of using that just to inform what they write, they want to include it in the novel


    1. Oh yes! Excellent peeve! Names are another, but they annoy me in any genre–a name that NO ONE had in that era–or there for a while it was seemingly obligatory that one person have a stupid nickname like Spittle or something. Ick.


  3. I have a copy of The Editor coming up as well — it sounds terrific! I think the Jojo Moyes book is a reissue of an older book — right? I have it on my shelf, I think. Great list. Have fun!


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