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Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebie: Dream Narrators, Men Only Version


Sorry, I fell short of the full ten this week. Better luck next time.

Some of these performers have recorded audio books, but not ones I have listened. Others are just my dream narrators.

Jeremy Irons

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Jeremy Irons–my all-time favorite male voice! He has recorded Brideshead Revisited and, of course, Lolita. I know Brideshead too well to bother listening to it and Lolita is not interesting to me. Maybe though he’ll do a new audiobook before too long, but given his reputation for playing sickos, I imagine any book would be disturbing. What a waste of a superb voice! He should be the lord of the manor–and not an evil one.

Sam Elliott

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Perfect for westerns, or cowboy romances.

Sean Connery

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Sadly, it’s too late in the day I imagine, to expect a new audiobook from Sean Connery. But, oh that voice! Perfect for kilted romances.

David Cameron

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A man can be disliked and still have an interesting voice. A chinless wonder of the highest order to read a high society book or a tale of wrong-doing in Parliament or a slippery adviser to a Monarch would all be great audio stories for him.


Paul McCartney

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Paul would be wonderful narrating any number of fun books. A family vacation story, a hapless love affair book with a good ending–anything fun.

Bruce Springsteen

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The Boss would have been perfect for Shot Gun Love Songs, but any down-on-your luck, guy books or road trip away from bad luck book would be his thing.

Hugh Grant

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I’d love Hugh to read the male lead in a multi-performer romcom or chicklit.

Robbie Coltrane


Robbie, in his Hagrid voice, would be perfect to read a children’s fantasy series–not HP but some other new adventure.


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl--here’s a link to the rules. Why not join in the fun next week?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebie: Dream Narrators, Men Only Version

  1. No No No please do not give that horrid Cameron guy any more opportunity to inflict himself on us! Nothing to do with his political opinions, it’s the man himself I have a strong aversion to…..

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  2. Oh man, Jeremy Irons is a fantastic narrator. I did listen to Lolita and I’m not sure I would have been able to get through it nearly as fast in print. I’ll have to maybe give Brideshead Revisited a listen someday. 🙂

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