Top 5 Wednesday: Collectibles on Bookshelf


I haven’t bought anything new since this post was done on Fandom items. My take on Fandom is pretty much my bookish collectibles so, here you go!

Here is the post, from April 25th of last year.

“Fandom” to me brings up YA/NA books. I’m just not that big on those genres. So, sorry, I don’t know which Hogwarts house I’m in. Couldn’t tell you the house colors, though I can name the houses. Instead here are a few of the “fan,” if not “fandom,” items I own.

The Beatles

These are my two newest fandom items! I found the Yellow Submarine first, then this week, I found the car. I cannot remember not knowing and loving the Beatles!

Sir Winston Churchill



My parents gave me this silver WSC bookmark. (This is someone else’s photo of theirs). Mine lives in his daughter’s biography of Mrs. Churchill.

Royal Family

An English expatriate neighbor got my plate for me on a visit home. It was a Christmas gift the year of the wedding.

The solar waving queen–sans hat so it must have been an investiture! was found in a box of auction stuff, still in the original packaging, and given to me by a high school friend. I love her! She’s on my home desk.

Gone With the Wind


These Avon figurines were another Christmas gift. I know many people love to make fun of “kitch” but I genuinely like these two–all the hours of fun those two characters have given me deserve recognition!

I have a collector’s plate that was a gift from a friend–I really love it. And, I have all kinds of little stuff- like refrigerator magnets on GWTW as well as several books on the making of the movie.

Currently, none of these are on display anyhere in my houses, but someday they will be in my home office.

I used to have a fabulous Clark Gable poster of this still from the movie, too.


The VW Bus


Two years ago, I devoted a blog post to my love of the old VWMicrobus. I really, really want one of the new ones to drive if they are ever available! This one, though, is just a desk toy. It’s bigger than a Matchbox or Hot Wheels, but not as big as an old-time Tonka truck. Perfect for my home desk. I love these so much, I have a Pinterest board devoted to them!

Any Fandom or merely Fan items in your home? Leave me a comment!


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