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Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Books From My Childhood

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Note: This post was orginally published here in July 2015.

Little HorsemanAs a child I was a horse fanatic! When an unpleasant trip to the dentist led my Mom to offer a well-earned reward of a grocery store story book, I choose this gem–The Little Horsemanby Mable Watts. “Alan loved horses very much….” I could probably recite the rest of it–that’s how much I loved this book! I collected (and still have) Breyer horses, picture books of horses, loved to watch the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown races and jumped at any opportunity to ride. We had our own horses until I was in first grade. From second thru fourth grade we had friends in town who let us ride any time we wanted. I dreamed of taking riding lessons like Alan in this story. In sixth grade a friend got to take such lessons and…

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