Top Ten Tuesday: Character Freebie : Fictional Ladies I’d Like as Friends


I didn’t go for Auntie Mame or Molly Wesely or anyone very fictional this time. I’ve included them in past lists on similar topics. These are all women I thought I could truly know.



Hester Latterly of Anne Perry’s William Monk series. Hester was a nurse with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea and later runs a clinic, mostly for prostitutes, in hand-to-mouth area of Victorian London.  I like her because she does what she belives she must do in life, yet she ends up with two fine suitors who see her for the amazing woman she is!




The Wednesday Sisters Frankie, Linda, Kath, Brett, and Ally would be ladies I’d love to have in my life. There weekly writing group is a catalyst for personal growth and more. I wasn’t found of their daughter’s book though, but this first generation–yes!


Dorothy Woodruff and Rosamond Underwood fled their stuffy world of teas and socials and calling cards and all that and went west to teach school in Colorado. I admire their courage, pluck and innate common sense to escape the stifling life of Auburn, NY in 1916. Unlike the others in this list, these two were real. Nothing Daunted…



Angeline West, reporter covering Grace Kelly’s engagement and wedding in Meet Me In Monaco. We both have a knack for getting stuck as the “buddy” to the fabulous guy. We’d have so much to talk about!




Reine-Marie Gamache, wife of Chief Inspector Armand Gamach of Louise Penny’s book series, would make a great friend. She’s a librarian and not one stuck in the bun & shush sterotype. That’s good. She’s got a husband with a stressful job, grandkids she rarely sees over in Paris and a wacky bunch of neighbors now that she’s retired to Three Pines. She’d understand my hellish trips to Wal-mart due to living in Nowhereville as well as understanding my job–i.e. a perfect friend.



Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!



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