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Review: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren


First, thank you to Books, Libraries. Also, cats for convincing me to read this one.


Every year there are a few novels that do a great job of living up to their hype. This year, I’d cite Daisy Jones and The Six, The Editor, and With Fire On High, Meet Me in Monaco, and now, The Unhoneymooners as being among those august publications for 2019.

The Story

A disastrous wedding leaves Olive having to take her twin sister’s free, luxurious honeymoon with the groom’s brother, Ethan. One problem: they hate each other. How will this play out?

What I Loved

I loved the chemistry between Olive and Ethan! Where has this guy been all my life?? Lucky Ollie! Overcoming looking like a green Skittle with an awesome rack takes work, but Olive achieves it. Everything about this relationship, the snark, the bickering, the [no spoilers] works so well I felt I was reading about real people. Real people, I knew, loved, and cheered for.

As a “lone” twin I really enjoyed the twin sisters–their differences as well as the “pull” that keeps them close. Olive wanting to protect Amy [no spoilers] went on beyond that disastrous wedding. That was so real! Ethan, too, had a protective streak with Dane, just as real brothers often have. I loved this.

I could so relate to Ollie and her ability to find the negatives and to be snarky too often. I was the same at her age and still struggle with it today.

The twists and turns in the story were as exciting as that drive on the Maui cost in the lime green Mustang! I didn’t see some of it coming. Ok, there were a few helpful coincidences, but, that’s just part of the fun in this book. Heck, even the occasional sex scene was fun and not gross!

What I Didn’t Like

There is a conversation late in the book about an object and its use [no spoilers] that I felt was crammed into the story to check some box on content seemingly required today for publication. That one should have been left out as it did nothing for the story. Minor, minor, minor though in the grand scheme of this book.

My Verdict?


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

A super beach, deck, patio, or pool read. Mix a Mai-Tai and enjoy the whole thing! I listened to the audio which was well done though I wasn’t thrilled with how Ethan was voiced at the end. I found it a bit too wimpy for the character I’d come to know and love (well, major book boyfriend crush if you must know). This will make a superb rom-com.

Real : Mai Tai

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