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Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons for Avoiding Books on TBR–and a few of the books


My usual reason for avoiding titles on my TBR is that I’d have to read them–in a book or on an e-reader. Over the last 11 years, my super-long (1.25 hours each way) commute has made me insanely in love with audiobooks. Sometimes though even I have other reasons for avoiding a book I might want to read.


1. It could be an Oprah book

If you’ve read any of my reviews you know that I often (but not always) dislike things with murder, incest, sexual abuse, body parts in the freezer–that kind of thing. Oprah’s the Queen of picking disturbing books (but not always). Disturbing is not my thing. Sometimes, I’ve been proved wrong though so I o occasionally try and like such a book. But I do hesitate a lot on any book with this potential.

Plus, a review used the phrase “lyrical masterpiece” which sounds desperate.


2. It could have too many “ick” sex scenes

I do not like to read graphic sex. Consuming sweat from yeasty areas does not entice me, ok?


All I can think is: “What do these people call sex in badly translate English?” That’s about what her last few books meant to me–and I used to jump at her books.

3.  If Historical Fiction it could be full of pet peeves

Those would include stilted conversations to explain everything, names not of the era, using the newspaper to fill up space, views/morals out of synch with the era. All are dnf reasons for me.

Scarred of a caricature of Alice Roosevelt doing even more insane things than she really did. And, know any Americans named Poppy–until the hipsters? Me neither. Social Security didn’t, either. And a fictional Margaret? Hmmm. Tracey Ullman did a great job, but in fiction writing? Lots of possibilities for who’s who conversations that should be covered in a Who’s Who page at the front.

4. It could go into BOTH #1, #2 and #3


Scary, isn’t it?

5. It will be a copycat.


I’ve loved many of the “Something-somthing-life of Somebody-Somebody” genre, but really? How many of these will work?


6. The Animal is in an Oprah book


Animal cruelty is a big NO.



Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons for Avoiding Books on TBR–and a few of the books

  1. I hear you about the preponderance of titles which are me too versions. Not long ago every book seemed to have the word Girl or Wiman in the title, now I keep seeing titles with numbers – Woman in Cabin 10; 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle; 3 Things About Elsie.


    1. My big publishing pet peeve currently is why are there always two or three on the same exact topic coming out at about the same time? JoJo Moyes new book is on the Book Women of Kentucky same as Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek–that kind of thing. [I’ll be fascinated to read how a Brit does Kentucky!! ]


  2. No time to waste on books that push you away. I’ve heard great things about The Island of Sea Women and I want to read The Dutch House, so we’ll see. I tend to stay away from the Oprah books because I don’t like having someone tell me what’s good or important to read. Great topic!

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