Review: Ayesha at Last: A Novel by Uzma Jalaluddin


The Story

The hype calls it a modern-day, Muslim, Pride and Prejudice. I call it a rom-com. Ayesah is a substitute teacher. Her flighty, younger cousin, Hafsa, has flitted from non-started career to non-started career. Enter be-robed and beard Khalid working at her best friend’s company. When Hafsa decides to be an event planner, but can’t make it to he mosque on time for a planning meeting, instead of just explaining like an adult that she is filling in for her cousin, otherwise intelligent Ayesha pretends to be Hafsa.

Along the way, Ayesha and Khalid, who has expected to marry the girl his mother picks, begin to have feelings for each other. So imagine the surprise when his mother picks Hafsa and not Ayesha!

My Thoughts

This was a perfectly fun, light, read. There were twists and turns to keep it interesting and a cast of fun characters to make you feel the “feels” [sorry–but that’s the appropriate word here]. In short, I enjoyed every minute–it was just the right escape for my week’s commute. I listened to the audiobook.

My Verdict


Ayesha at Last: A Novel by Uzma Jalaluddin

I learned of this book via Modern Mrs. Darcy’s post.

I listened to the audiobook.


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