Review: River of Stars: A Novel by Vanessa Hua


My Interest

I found this book while looking to see if the audio version of JoJo Moye’s new book, Giver of Stars, was available to put on hold yet. It sounded like a fun, light read and it was!

The Story

Scarlett and Daisy are both sent to Perfume Bay, an upscale home for Chinese mothers giving birth on visitor visas. Scarlett’s baby is the child of an affair with her older, married,  factory boss, while Daisy, who is Chinese but born in the USA, is giving birth to her teenage boyfriend’s child.  Daisy has not lived in America enough years to pass her citizenship on to her child, so she has been sent for that reason, and to get her out of sight.

In a curious sequence of events the two women “escape” from the home and go underground in San Francisco’s Chinatown where they live on the fringes of society, working in the illegal sectors of the food industry. Scarlett mothers Daisy, but Daisy also teaches Scarlett an important thing or two. Along the way, they discover strength, resourcefulness and what family really means.

My Thoughts

This was a compelling, light book. Some things were a little improbable, but overall I enjoyed it. The story shows how having money makes all things possible–even U.S. Citizenship.

Finally, I really want to taste those buns they sold!




I listened to the audiobook.

2 thoughts on “Review: River of Stars: A Novel by Vanessa Hua

  1. I’m with you — I really wanted to taste the food! I enjoyed this book (read with with my book group a few months ago), especially since the writer is local to San Francisco and writes about the city so well. Great review!

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