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Top Ten Tuesday: Changes In My Reading Life


This week’s topic relates to three changes in my life:

Change # 1:

11 years ago I moved and took my current job. I have about 2 1/2 hours in the car each day commuting.  When I started my old car had a cassette drive! Today I still love books on cd because I can get them much faster from the library, but I also listen to e-audio on my phone. So…..

Audiobooks are the majority of my reading now. Yes, I count that as reading!

Change # 2

A few years after that change, Downton Abbey and the fan fiction movement led me back to my lifelong desire to write. I have three works in progress and one “Facebook serial”. The WIPs are heading toward agent-shopping thanks to working with a developmental editor. One starts its journey in the new year. So….

Fiction is now the majority of my reading–I used to read mostly nonfiction, especially history.

Change # 3

When the Kindle Fire was introduced, a friend updated and gave me her Kindle Paperwhite. [I’ve since bought a Kindle Fire, too]. Sadly, I didn’t love the Kindle, but I DO love having the Kindle App on my large Android phone. I always have a book with me, but don’t have to carry a satchel of a purse to do so! So….

I now read e-format as well as print.

My reading has also been affected by a few decisions I’ve made regarding what I will no longer try to read.

Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

Click HERE to read the full list


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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Changes In My Reading Life

  1. This was really interesting! I love that you’ve turned your long commute into something positive with audiobooks. I’ve tried them a time or two and just can’t — my mind wanders too much. Funny because a few decades ago I did listen to them while commuting to work with a friend and I did pay attention then. Kindle has changed my reading — also goodreads for suggestions. Gone are the days of browsing in the library shelves.

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  2. Audiobooks definitely count as reading!! I listen to them every time I get in the car, and I try to get in a couple hours of walking each weekend, also with audiobooks. Can’t live without ’em!

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  3. I’m a little bit jealous of your long commute! 😉 The only time I can listen to audiobooks is when I’m cleaning. I guess I’m more of a visual person. I need those words in front of my eyes.

    My TTT


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