Top Ten Tuesday: Thankful Freebie: Fictional Families I’m Thankful to Know


Thanksgiving is a time of families, food, and football. My own family is very small, so for this week’s freebie, I thought I’d “invite” some of my favorite fictional families to join us!

master MARM943Norman Rockwell


I’ve been participating in Top Ten Tuesday for so many years I’m always afraid I’m repeating the same books over and over, but this time I do not mind because new children are born every day and new parents and new grandparents love to share books!


  1. The Penderwicks: What’s not to love about a widowed dad, his 4 cool daughters, their wonderful dog, the boy they all love, and eventually, a happy re-marriage and a loved step-mom, new half-brother and a new Penderwick?


2. The Cassons: High society artist Bill lives a tony life in London, while wife Eve pays the bills painting pet portraits. The children take all of this as normal. I love this family so much that I asked author Hilary McKay to write a grow-up novel of the parents’ marriage! The Casson family books.


3. The Melendy family: New York in the years before World War II and then during it, provides a wonderful backdrop for this family. Another widowed father, a kindly housekeeper, a career for one child as a radio actress and more! Love and fun. The Melendy Quartet.



4. The Weasleys: Molly Weasley is such a great Mum! Her kids, her husband–all drive her mad, but she’s always there for orphaned Harry. Love her. [Hate the new book coveres]. Harry Potter series.


Charles Addams/New Yorker

5. The Addams Family: I don’t think there has been a version of this family I didn’t like! I haven’t seen the newest offering, but I imagine I’d enjoy it, too. The World of Charles Addams book.



5. The Peanuts Gang, Snoopy, Woodstock, and everyone. It wouldn’t be a holiday in America without this “family,” now would it? A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving book.


Happy Thanksgiving!



Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!




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