Shared Royal Birthdays and More Interesting Royal Dates Part III

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Princess Anne and husband Admiral Sir Tim Laurence

As in any large family, the British Royal family has a lot of shared dates for births, deaths, marriages–even the announcements of divorce! That one was March 19th. In 1976 Princess Margaret’s separation from Lord Snowdon was announced and in 1992, the Duke and Duchess of York announced their separation.

Births and Deaths

December 3rd

Left to right: Princess Victoria, Princess Louise (de Laszlo), Prince Andrew (Andrea) (de Laszlo) and Prince Philip with his parents.

Princess Victoria, sister of King George V known as “Toria,” was never allowed to marry. Her mother, Queen Alexandra kept her at home as a companion–a very selfish move. She died on December 3, 1935, a little over a month before her brother the King was to die.

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyl,  Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, died on December 3, 1939. Her husband then Lord Lorne was one of two Royal Governors-General of Canada, then other being Queen Mary’s brother, Lord Athlone. Louise herself was a professional sculptor. She was even allowed to attend art school like her Great-Great-Great-Niece, Lady Sarah Chatto (nee Armstrong-Jones).

Prince Andrew (Andrea) of Greece, father of Prince Philip died on December 3, 1944, in Monte Carlo while living with his mistress. At the time of his death, his surviving daughters were in Germany–all married to minor German princes, two of whom were Nazis and Prince Philip was serving in the British Navy.


Princess Victoria’s sister, Maud, became Queen of Norway. Her great-great-grandson, Prince Sverre Magnus, was born December 3, 2005. He is 3rd in line to the Norwegian throne, after his sister and his father, but is also in the top 100 of the British line of succession to the throne.

Photo Credit: Official Norwegian Royal Family Website

A Royal Execution, a Royal Wedding, and a Royal Birth

May 19th

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Henry VIII’s 2nd and most famous wife, Anne Boylen, was beheaded on this day in 1536.

Henry Ulick Lascelles, grandson of Princess Mary (sister of George VI) and son of Queen Elizabeth’s 1st cousin, the Hon. Gerald Lascelles, was born on this day in 1953.

Another royal Henry–aka Prince Harry, was married on this day in 2018 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

More Shared Birthdays

March 1st

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Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the husband of Princess Anne, was born March 1, 1955.

Serena, Countess of Snowdon, wife of Princess Margaret’s son David (better known by his life-long title, Viscount Linley), was born March 1, 1970.

Lady Rose (Windsor) Gilman, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, was born March 1, 1980.


A Royal Wedding and Two Birthdays

July 1st


Princess Alice, second daughter of Queen Victoria, and great-grandmother of Prince Philip (also the mother of assassinated Tzarina Alexandra and martyred Grand Duchess Serge (Ella) and grandmother of Lord Mountbatten and Queen Louise of Sweden) married Prince Ludwig (Louis) of Hesse on July 1, 1862. Little could she know that just over a century later, the future bride (and ex-wife) her of Great-Great-Great Grandson Prince Charles, would be born.


Lady Diana Spencer, the future bride of the Prince of Wales, was born on July 1, 1960.



Also born on July 1 (1999) was Princess Margaret’s grandson, Charles, Viscount Linley.




A Future Queen Marries and a Future King is Born

July 22nd


Princess Maud of Wales (daughter of Edward VII) married Prince Charles of Denmark–soon to become King Haakon of Norway on July 22, 1896.



Photo copyright Jason Bell/Camera Press

Prince George of Cambridge was born July 22, 2013. He is related to Princess Maud through both the Queen and Prince Philip. Princess Alexandra (Maud’s mother) was the sister of King George I of Greece, Prince Philip’s paternal grandfather.


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Admiral Sir Tim Laurence with step-granddaughter Mia Tindall

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  1. Such fun! Is it ominous that Harry/Meghan married on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s beheading? Hmmm ….
    Hey, I have an idea for you. Send a Christmas card/note to a royal. I have done that with William/Kate the past few years and have loved getting one back, usually in the icky days of January. Camilla might even personally sign one for you! Just buy an international forever stamp from the post office (under $2).

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