Mini-Persephone Readathon Choices: Which one to pick for the weekend?


I happen to love the idea of readathons! I have a very bad track record, though, at following through with them. I’m HOPING I can break that curse this weekend. Here are my choices for the Mini-Persephone Books Readathon running from today until midnight Sunday/Monday at Dwell In Possibility. Persephone Books are mostly by women writers and are republished to preserve them and to get them into the hands of a new generation of readers. I love the idea, love the covers, artwork, and endpapers. In fact, their shop is on my bucket list for a future, longed-for return to London.

My Choices

Persephone covers are usually plain now, so I’m showing some older ones and some previous editions.



Peresphone Books I’ve already read


Links to my reviews:

The House in the Country by Jocelyn Playfair

Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield

I did not review How To Run Your Home Without Help




10 thoughts on “Mini-Persephone Readathon Choices: Which one to pick for the weekend?

  1. I just am loving all these covers! I often enjoy looking at book covers more than I enjoy digging in — is that wrong? Ha 🙂 Whatever you choose, wishing you a wonderful weekend of reading!


  2. I wonder what you read, coming to this late! I read How to Run Your House Without Help (in fact my husband bought it for me, but I think it was more he said he’s buy one for me and I chose it). I did start to have a System for a few … days. I’ve been labouring with a Horrible Cold or I’d have done this – don’t want to sneeze on my precious Persephones!

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  3. You couldn’t have gone wrong with any of these choices, but I’m glad you picked Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day! It was the first Persephone book I read so it has a special place in my heart. It’s just such a gem!

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