Epidemic Books #4 and #5: Executive Orders by Tom Clancy and Ghost Map by Steven Johnson


I read this years ago and it kept me awake nights for a while afterward. Most of the government is dead! But, wait! There’s more! Ebola! And still more! A kidnapping! Partisan politics among those still living! Wow! Wow! Wow! Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders.



I know! I know! A book about sewage and other icky things? But wait! It’s so well worth it! Treating cholera as a criminal, and written in the style of a true-crime book, Johnson documents the hunt for the cause of cholera. This is a fascinating story of science, research, and humanity. Now, if I can rave about a book that discusses SCIENCE you can surely read it and enjoy it, too! I was drawn to this story due to my love of Anne Perry’s William Monk books, which are set in the London of that era and deal with crime amid poverty, but I stayed because it was just so fascinating. It reads like a novel, not like a science book (oh the relief!) so just try it! (Review revised from my old blog).

The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.


There’s still more! Another feared disease, Leprosy aka Hansen’s Disease, featured in my Wednesday review of the Japanese novel,  Sweet Bean Paste (click to go to my review).

Epidemic Books 1– Self-Isolating with Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak.

Epidemic Book 2–Nemesis by Philip Roth

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